Favourite songs from 2013

December 23, 2013 at 10:36 am

Now it has finally happened, a list-of-the-year here on Meadowmusic, with the 60 best songs from this past year. My source is entirely the music I have presented here on the blog; my obvious reference from 2013 in which I live and breathe almost every day during the year. I do love albums also, but I realised it would be an impossible task for me, to be able to construct a serious list for this in time. Maybe I will prepare myself in a better way next year.

It’s really the first time since the start in 2008 that I make a year list such as this, and I hope that it will help somebody to find new favourites that you have missed. That’s how I think when I go through year lists; I usually tire after a while, as too many lists from newspapers and others are so similar. I’m pretty certain that this list is quite unique, though.
I want to make the reservation that the list is somewhat biased at the catchy side of pop and rock, which means that instrumental, experimental and other types of music doesn’t get the place it deserves here, nonetheless enjoyable. But that’s how it is, right now, you’ll probably survive.

The songs can be enjoyed here below, without any specific order, or you can pick up the Spotify playlist (four songs are missing) here:

Meadowmusic – Favourites 2013 on Spotify

I wish you all a happy ending of this year. This is probably my final post this year, and I’ll see you again at the start of 2014.

Grande Roses – “Radio Heartbreak”

Ceremonies – “Promises”

Ensamhushåll – “Stunden”

The Hyper Actives – “The Promised Land”

Killer Clan of F.U.N. – “Blood Runs Hot”

Simian Ghost – “Dizzy Spells”

Sara Thuresson – “Vakna” (with Mikael Wiehe)

Hurricane Love – “Only Human”

Humfree Bug Art – “With Nights and Lights”

Mire Kay – “Beat”

Dödens Dal – “Bakom Stjärnor, Bakom Tiden”

The Sweet Serenades – “Run (Run, Run)”

Robert Dahlqvist – “Det tog en lång tid”

Niels Nielsen – “Dpend”

Californiaman – “Give Love Back”

Junip – “Line of Fire”

Automobilist – “A Spark Is Enough”

The Crystal Caravan – “Hour of the wolf”

Adam Tensta – “Raindrops” (with Duvchi)

Feather Revs – “Lean”

Dida – “Don’t Go”

We Are the Storm – “Monument”

Act Utd – “Religio”

New Rose – “Case Sensitivity”

Mikael Persson – “A Man With Hound By His Cottage”

A Man With Hound By His Cottage

Kickback Circus – “Flashlight Memories”

Fou de Toi – “Heartless”

Turn Off Your Television – “Between the Lines”

Magnus Bergman och Gösta Linderholm – “Drömmarnas Allé”

Emerald Park – “Bergsgatan”

Tikkle Me – “Time to Act”

Iida – “Life Will Kill You”

Honeymilk – “Light Entertainment”

LIABT – “Dancer On a Chair”

Tim Schmidt – “Everything is gonna be ok”

The Chrysler – “Bound For Love”

Terrible Feelings – “I Don’t Even Know You”

White Birches – “The End of the Line”

Rigas – “Kungen”

YAST – “Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams”

Me The Tiger – “Ariana”

Beat the Heart – “Glebe Market”

Last Lynx – “Killing Switch”

Noras Falcon – “Kiss the Night” (with Staphan O’Bell)

Könsförrädare – “Death to Stories”

Rooni – “Ambulance”

The Gloria Story – “I See You Tommorrow”

Douglas Unger – “When the Bullet Leaves the Gun”

Alaska – “Take Your Time”

This Vision – “Hungry Heart”

Misth – “Rise of a New Day”

Tiger Forest Cat – “Everybody’s Running”

Solblomma – “(Come Count the) Sheep (With Me)”

Principe Valiente – “Take Me With You”

Swedish Tiger – “Boom Goes My Heart”

Skimret – “Adna”

Case Conrad – “Copper Thief”

Alice Boman – “Waiting”

Funked Up – “Don’t Lose Your Mind”

Sefyr – “Klockan tickar”