Ludvigson & Mechanist – “Intra-Extra”

October 17, 2014 at 3:44 pm

Håkan Ludvigson is one of a trio who are running the label Substream, a label that has released more than 3000 songs with artists from around the world since the start in 2004. Håkan is also an artist himself and in Spring he released his second album, “Intra-Extra”, in collaboration with Mechanist from England.

Together they create a fascinating soundscape across 8 tracks, in the bottom rather warm and soothing but also with feelings of mystique, desolation and unknown worlds. Here’s a unique mix of many elements from the world electronica such as ambient, deep house, downbeat, techno and drum & bass. Here are three of the tracks:

Ludvigson på Facebookpå Spotifypå Wimp

Snakethread – “Get Well EP”

December 10, 2013 at 11:47 am


The producer Snakethread has released the EP “Get Well”, an EP from which he donates all revenues to a fund for Cancer research. The theme of the EP is also illnesses, where he paints, with downtempo, ambient music, something of a twilight landscape, a waiting which is neither dark nor light, soothing, but sometimes worrying. Listen to one of the tracks below.

Snakethread on Tumblr – on Facebook – on Spotifyon Wimp – on Bandcamp


March 23, 2009 at 5:53 pm

I’m sitting here listening to nice ambient tones from Moist. To be exact, the EP “Alone”, a 7-track record with 4 original tracks and 3 interesting remixes from Addeboy vs Cliff, Håkan Lidbo and Red Snapper.

The Moist songs has a mellow, atmospheric feeling, where heavy bass beats step down and give depth to it all. At the same time this is good down-tempo pop with Maria Marcus’ somewhat distanced, souly voice in a perfect marriage with the ambience. Really good electronica which you can dive into and dream away with for a while.

Behind Moist you’ll find the songwriter and producer David Elfström Lilja, who, in various collaborations, creates this beautiful music under the name Moist. On Moist’s site you can listen more and also download the EP “I Am What I Am”. Recently a collaboration with Sophie Rimheden “Just Say You’re Sorry”, was released, which you can listen to and download.

Moist also has a Myspace page, where you can listen to the EP “Alone”. Here’s a video from the EP “I Am What I Am” and two tracks from “Alone”, which you can listen to and download:

I Am feat Íse (from I Am What I Am):

Not Alone
How Long


November 1, 2008 at 1:00 am

BlicqLet yourself be swept away by the dreamy tones from Blicq. It fits perfectly a cold and gray November day like this. On atmospheric, beautiful backgrounds a little harder industry beat breaks in. It’s down-tempo, laidback and Ylva’s seductive, somewhat jazzy vocals paint melodies that drag me into the songs.

Blicq is a duo that consists of Anders Ekman and Ylva. They started creating music together in 2003. Sofar they haven’t released an album, but new recordings are underway, aiming for a debut album.

Here you can listen to and download three of their songs. On you can continue to explore their music and download tracks. They also have a Myspace page you can visit.

Civil Pulse
No Way Back

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