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Laakso – “So Happy, So Sad”

February 5, 2016 at 5:55 pm


Last year Laakso, with Markus Krunegård at the front, came back with a new single after years of silence. Heading towards their fifth album they are releasing another single today, “So Happy, So Sad”, a great tune which breathes of Swedish melodic indiepop from afar. It’s a wonderful light, airy indie sound with a dash of soul, and a song which catches on at the first listen. A song which makes me so happy. The album “Grateful Dead” is coming up on the 22nd of April.

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Pop escapades

January 29, 2016 at 5:03 pm
Victoria + Jean

Victoria + Jean

3 Cutting Principles – “Break aWay”

Nicaolai Dunger, Manne von Ahn Öberg and Jonas Nyström are releasing their debut single today for their new project 3 Cutting Principles. They serve an alternative pop with an orchestral arrangement, which they describe as a soundtrack to northern lights.

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Moodblanc – “Good Things In Life”

The duo Moodblanc have released the single “Good Things In Life” and the album “Faith” at the same time. The album contains all the chapters in the story with their series of singles. They write that the story started in St Tropez and ends in Rome. Is this maybe the last part of the tale?

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Sofia Thelin – “Det är en cirkus alltihop”

Tomorrow on Saturday Sofia Thelin celebrates the release of her third album “Kärlekssång till alla bortgömda trosor” at Victoriateatern in Malmö. As a first taste she has released a video to one of the tracks, “Det är en cirkus alltihop”. It’s a warm and intimate chanson-inspired cabaret pop song which she owns with her personality. The video is created by Mohave Media.

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Victoria + Jean – “Härligt Sverige”

The Swedish-Belgian duo Victoria + Jean have released an appetizer from their album “Divine Love”, scheduled for release in April. It’s called “Härligt Sverige” and comes also with video signed Corentin Kopp. Captivating, experimental pop with a strong crescendo in the end.

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Instrumental explorers – Per Störby Jutbring, Conny Olivetti and Interzone Inc

January 27, 2016 at 6:58 pm
Per Störby Jutbring

Per Störby Jutbring

Per Störby Jutbring – “Dance of the Diaper Fairy”

It’s easy to get impressed by Per Störby Jutbring’s versatility as a musician. I feel it’s almost easier to list what he’s not ventured into. In the autumn I wrote about his excellent film song “Tomorrow“, but here I’m going to present an album he released already last Spring, “Dance of the Diaper Fairy”.

He writes that it’s at the piano he feels most comfortable, and it shows on this album, which consists mostly of solo piano tracks. With a quite personal touch to the keys he’s created a beautiful and intimate session where he mixes minimalistic, melodic songs with free improvisation and also a few wonderful trio collaborations, where he’s joined by Johanna Dahl on cello and Malin My Wall on violin. Here are two examples:

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Conny Olivetti – “Klangwelt / 2016″

Even if the themes and music varies from album to album I do recognize the ambience in Conny Olivettis music. Here on the latest album “Klangwelt / 2016″ in a dark, futuristic atmosphere where he lets voice samplings colour and comment upon the theme in question. This time, as I interpret it, it’s about the human rights and the real threats out there in our world.

Conny Olivetti’s site - on Bandcamp


Interzone Inc – “Stories”

And now to another creative electronic adventurer: Interzone Inc. Just before Christmas he released the album “Stories”, a quite enjoyable album where he mixes beat-driven tunes, which sometimes reminds me of old electronica heroes like Vangelis, with dreamy ambient soundscapes. Here are two tracks to taste:

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Melodic Beauty from The Echo Field, Roadside Member & the Crouch and Micael Matias

January 26, 2016 at 5:47 pm
The Echo Field

The Echo Field

The Echo Field – “The Echo Field” EP

Behind The Echo Field we find the two friends Tomas Hellberg and Niklas Mellberg, who on their debut EP in the Autumn also got help from Billy Cervin (Side Effects) on guitar and Oskar Nylén on bass. The four songs radiate a happy, melodic powerpop with a strong breath of the sixties. I hear a lot of analogue warmth, characteristic chords and vocal harmonies that remind me of that era. I wouldn’t say it’s completely a retro album, though, as they have a fresh touch of their own in the sound and there are a plenty of other references with music from the seventies up to today which shines through. A debut album which promises a lot for future releases.

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Roadside Member and the Crouch – “Somehow Psychadelic” EP

Here’s another excellent EP that was released in the Autumn. It’s Roadside and the Crouch’s third EP, where they present a wonderful mix of folkrock, Americana and pop. The melodies are contagious and Billy Lantz supply some great vocals.

Roadside Member and the Crouch’s site - on Facebookon Spotifyon Apple Music

Micael Matias – “Stockholm Syndrome”

Micael Matias is a singer/songwriter from Jönköping who so far has released a string of singles, where this one, “Stockholm Syndrome” came out a couple of months ago. He has a great baryton voice I like, which he gives some space in a folk inspired rock with good melodies. I also take the opportunite to add one of his earlie singles, “When the Winter Turns Into Summer”.

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Magnus Bergman & Saga Björling – “Natten”

January 11, 2016 at 4:44 pm

Bergman & Björling

Today I’m opening the blog for the season. It turned into a quite heavy start with the chocking news this morning about the death of David Bowie. It’s an artist whose music been a part of me all through my life, and who was tremendously important to me as an identity-seeking teenager. A light in the dark in many ways.

This post is about Magnus Bergman and Saga Björling’s new song “Natten”, though, a song which had its premiere in full today. I wrote about the project about a month ago as they presented the first part of the more than 13 minute long song. It’s a track in three parts, which comes out as a walk through the darkness of our world with a lamp in hand, anxiously seeking for a way out. It’s powerful and immensely beautiful when Magnus secure voice unites with Saga’s wonderful, bright vocals.

As I wrote before, the song project also consists of a video which has been created by the film makers at Anno 800 in Falun. They took the mission to create a visual interpretation of the song, which resulted in this creative film, an animated collage of thoughts which takes you through the song.

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