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Ann Rosén and Stockholm Saxophone Quartet – “Bredvid”

September 29, 2016 at 5:34 pm

Music for several musicians who don’t play together, but is played back simultaneously? Can that really be something interesting? Indeed, it is! Ann Rosén and Stockholm Saxophone Quartet’s album “Bredvid” evolves in a kind of playful way and can be described as a mix of alarm signals, noise, disjointed tones and pauses. It’s both meditative and disturbing at the same time and some tracks are like a story with something mysterious going on in the foreground while you can sense an ominous vibe further in the back. It’s interesting and exciting, and sometimes computer games comes to mind but also of course horror movies. But mostly it’s music which has it’s very own life.

The works is a mixture of duos (where two voices run in paralell), a quartet (in the same way) and a solo where Ann Rosén is playing on a kneecuff instrument (“Bredvid A”).
Technically it’s interesting to know that the instruments used are homebuilt synths driven by the signal from microphones placed in the saxphones.

Ann Rosén has worked many years with different kinds of sound art and music, and is maybe most known for her works with the the combination of cloth and electronics. She has written the music for the legendary Stockholm Saxophone Quartet who is also plated back on this album.

“Bredvid” on Soundcloud | Schhh (label) | Ann Rosén’s site - on Spotifyon Apple Music | Stockholm Saxophone Quartet’s site

Bredvid A


Stockholm Saxophone Quartet

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Les Gordons – “Need to Feel”

September 21, 2016 at 4:53 pm

Les Gordons

The band Les Gordons, hailing from Örebro, is right in the middle of an exciting period. After participating in the finals of a national Swedish radio competion last month, they were picked out by a jury to the biggest competition of them all: Melodifestivalen in Swedish national television next year. And of courrse they didn’t turn down the opportunity to play in front of the biggest possible Swedish audience.

They are hardly the typical band for the competition, though, even if they have a great sense for catchy tunes. Into their melting pot of energetic indie they pour various influences and they can add som 60′s-inspired garage pop just as well as funky dance rock with a taste of the 80′s. In Summer they released this video with the title track, “Need to Feel”, from their latest EP, released in Spring. I’ve also added another excellent track from the album here below: “Walking On”.

Les Gordons on Facebookon Spotifyon Apple Music

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Liljor – “Grändens skymning”

September 20, 2016 at 5:30 pm


A Finnish tango legend and some fascinating Swedish indie artists sounds like an unlikely combination at first. It all started last year when the Finnish artist and songwriter Pentti Viherluoto would have celebrated his 100th birthday. His grandchild Tatu Metsätähti came up with the idea of recording Penttis old songs in new, modern versions and as many of the songs already had been translated to Swedish (by the actor Thure Wahlroos) he contacted his friend, the producer and artist Henrik von Euler. Henrik got involved and together with Billie Lindahl (Promise and the Monster), Rickard Jäverling and Pelle Lindroth (Parken) he started recording. One song led to another and they ended up with an entire album named “Skymningsland”, which is going to be released this November.

The first song “Grändens skymning” is an appetizer which definitely makes me interested in more. It’s a track where they blend the two worlds with synths and tremolo guitars that wrap us in a harsh, Finnish melancholy, a drum machine echoing of the last beats from the old dance floor and dreamy, longing vocals which turn into a warm duet. Listen for yourself here below.
I should add also that the original Finnish lyrics, to this song and the others on the album, were written by Pentti’s brother Aimo.

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David Josephson – “Fakk dom”

September 13, 2016 at 6:33 pm

David Josephson

David Josephson is back with the new single “Fakk dom”. He has visited us before here on the blog a few times around the release of his last album “Drömmaskinen” 2014, a record I recommend if you haven’t heard it. He writes that “Fakk dom” is a song about being denied the human right to be a rock star. And the song certainly has potential to be the obvious hymn to when you expose plans others consider being too high-flown. And who am I to stand in David’s way, so here’s “Fakk dom”:

David Josephson on Facebook - on Spotify - on Apple Music

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Rebecka Bodén – “Deeper Than the Sea” EP

September 13, 2016 at 3:10 pm

Rebecka Bodén

A couple of weeks ago Rebecka Bodén released her debut EP “Deeper Than the Sea”. It contains five songs where she and Gustav Rådström have caught the late 60′s/early 70′s both in sound and spirit. Françiose Hardy, The Carpenters and sometimes a young Joni Mitchell come to mind as I listen to these irresistably charming melodies which Rebecka carry in a such natural and carefree way. There are five strong tracks here, but to me the summer-vibing pop gem “Summertime Mistake” and the delicate, beautiful ballad “Deeper Than the Sea” stand out especially.

Rebecka Bodén on Facebookon Spotifyon Apple Music

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