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Rock party in Malmö

July 11, 2014 at 4:39 pm

Rock på KB i Malmö

The 19th of July Dead End Records invites you to a rock party at KB in Malmö. The want to open up people’s eyes in Malmö for new rock bands in a time when the already established acts are dominating the gig market. The bands that haven’t climbed to the top of the ladder are often struggling with a hen-and-the-egg-problem: no fanbase – no gig, no gig – no fanbase.

Dead End Records takes it into their own hands by showcasing four great bands that deserve a bigger audience. If you arrive between 19.00 and 20.00 it’s even free to enter, after that only 50 kr.

The four bands Demotional, Carubine, Deceptic and Supralunar span over a wide spektra of rock and metal:

Demotional serves a melodic metal with plenty of energy. The debut album “State: In Denial” was released last year and here’s the latest single “Illusions”, released earlier this year.

Carubine is a trio that mix influenses from the seventies’ hard rock with alternative rock and grunge from the nineties, into their own brew with a great groove. Here are two of their singles.

Supralunar is a band I’ve written about before, and they also bring some influences from the seventies to the table where they blend it with nineties’ rock, but with more focus on vocal harmonies and catchy melodies. “People Like Us” here below is a great example. New album this Autumn.

Deceptic has only presented an album teaser this far, but it sounds interesting to say the least. Progressive metal with grand-sounding choruses is one description of the album which will be released at the end of August.

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June playlists – Spotify, Wimp and Rara

July 11, 2014 at 2:39 pm

Even a music blogger has to get some vacation so everything’s a bit slower here now, as you may have noticed. For a month to come I will only post sporadically, but in mid August I’ll be back with full energy.

I’ve added playlists now on SpotifyWimp and Rara with the music I presented here on the blog in June.

Meadowmusic, June 2014 – Spotify

Meadowmusic, June 2014 – Wimp

Meadowmusic, June 2014 – Rara (the playlist is available on Rara’s page for recommended playlists)

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New pop singles from Nova Becc, Luna Green, LCTRISC, Flod and CMBSTN

June 25, 2014 at 3:22 pm


Nova Becc – “Faller ner”

Rebecca Petersson has been working a number of years as a singer and as a songwriter, but it’s not until now as she makes her debut as as soloartist. Nova Becc is her artist name on the new single “Faller ner” (“Falling Down”), a catchy pop track where her vocals impress me; she knows exactly what she’s doing and her voice reminds me of a young Marie Fredriksson.

Luna Green – “Black Magic”

Luna Green is releasing a new single from the latest album “Swedish Strawberries”. The 70′s-pop-inspired song “Black Magic” is written together with Niklas Frisk, who’s also participating on the recording.

LCTRISC – “The Fire In the Distant Future”

Here’s a colourful music video from LCTRISC, “The Fire In the Distant Future”. In the video the duo have been collaborating with the body artist Vilija Vitkuté who has interpreted the lyrics with his art. A beautiful combination of art, music, dance and film.
The song is taken from LCTRISC’s debut album “The Fire In the Distant Future”, a great album, which I haven’t had the time to write about yet, though.

Flod – “Sjung min sång”

Here’s the debut singel and a music video from the band Flod. It’s called “Sjung min sång”, starts with a hard rock riff and glides over to something that feels like 70′s-inspired grand pop. The singer is Christian Dohber, whom you may have heard before in the band Moses.

CMBSTN – “C’mon Get Up (Happiness)”/”One of Us”

Here are two new singles from CMBSTN, ”C’mon Get Up (Happiness)” and “One of Us”, and also the second part of their music video diptych, which started with “My Friend“. It’s an ambitious band who want to achieve a lot with their grand-sounding pop, and if they continue like this, they will.

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Catching up – Hard rock and metal from Transubstans Records

June 23, 2014 at 5:16 pm
Old Man's Will

Old Man’s Will

Transubstans Records has gathered some of the the most interesting hard rock and metal bands in Sweden. Listening through a good part of their album releases from the last year I find quite an impressive collection of records, ranging from  70′s-inspired hard rock to doom metal. Here below you’ll find a selection of great tracks from equally great albums. Klick the titles to go to the bands’ pages if you want to hear more of them.

Thalamus – “Soul” – album

Generous Maria – “III” – album

Syron Vanes – “Evil Redux” – album

Small Jackets – “IV” – album

Oblivious – “Creating Meaning” – album

Dynamite – “Lock ‘N Load” – album

Magnolia – “Tänk själv” – album

Nymf – “From The Dark” – album

Old Man’s Will – “Old Man’s Will” – album

Abramis Brama – “Enkel Biljett” – album

Three Seasons – “Grow” – album

Qoph – “Glancing Madly Backwards” – album

Manny Ribera – “Manny Ribera” – album

Chuck Norris Experiment – “Right Between The Eyes” – album

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Catching Up – Rock from Principe Valiente, LaDiDa, No Coda and more

June 18, 2014 at 6:30 pm


The Jamhouse Riot – “Hey You”

New strong single from The Jamhouse Riot, “Hey You”:

Principe Valiente – “Choirs of Blessed Youth” – album

Principe Valiente’s second album “Choirs of Blessed Youth” with beautiful post punk:

No Coda – “The Entire Cast” – album

After a bunch of great singles No Coda finally released their debut album, “The Entire Cast”. Here are a couple of songs from the album:

LaDiDa – “LaDiDa” – album

Attitude, humour, punk, energy and pop from Göteborg. LaDiDa released their debut album earlier this Spring. Here’s a taste of it:

Röjsåg – “Bring It On” – EP

Röjsåg with their rock’n'roll-punk-hardcore in Swedish. Here’s a song from their EP “Bring It On”:

Crooked Letter – “Crooked Letter” – EP

Emo rock from Crooked Letter:

Wayflower – “Stay a Little Longer “

Björn in the band Wayflower had just stopped using Swedish snuff (a kind of tobacco used in Sweden) and was att home feeling bored. He took his restlessness and abstinence and turned it into a video:

Tidens Ande – “Malmö/Min Stad”

Tidens Ande is underway with the new album “Ett slags under” and has released these nice tracks to tempt us:

The Propagandas – “The Propagandas” – EP

Here’s a taste of The Propagandas debut-EP:

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