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Sanjin – “Fjärde soluppgången”

October 20, 2014 at 4:57 pm

I continue today on the instrumental theme. Here’s Sanjin with the album “Fjärde soluppgången” (“Fourth sunrise”). I hear a delightful seventies-sound with krautrock vibes and retro-synths. The electronica is dominating in experimental ambient creations, but other elements are offered as well, like in the finishing “Utan dag utan timme”, with it’s rock-progressive touch. A fascinating listen all the way through.
Sanjin runs the site “Allt för musik“, a quite readable blog about art, nisched music and sound phenomena.

Sanjin’s site - on Spotifyon Bandcamp

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Imi Fal – “Hymn for the Waiting/Sonder”

October 20, 2014 at 11:10 am

Imi Fal

A year ago I wrote about Imi Fal and his ambient, beautiful daydreaming-music. Since then he has released the album “The Man Who Sat Down” and after that also a few individual tracks. On the two last ones “Hymn for the Waiting” and “Sonder” he has developed his soundscapes further; it feels more vivid and richer in images, beautiful like sparkling morning dew in the light of early dawn. To me this is a perfect start of the week, a way of finding some peace in the middle of stress and obligations.

Imi Fal on Spotifyon Soundcloudon Bandcamp

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Ludvigson & Mechanist – “Intra-Extra”

October 17, 2014 at 3:44 pm

Håkan Ludvigson is one of a trio who are running the label Substream, a label that has released more than 3000 songs with artists from around the world since the start in 2004. Håkan is also an artist himself and in Spring he released his second album, “Intra-Extra”, in collaboration with Mechanist from England.

Together they create a fascinating soundscape across 8 tracks, in the bottom rather warm and soothing but also with feelings of mystique, desolation and unknown worlds. Here’s a unique mix of many elements from the world electronica such as ambient, deep house, downbeat, techno and drum & bass. Here are three of the tracks:

Ludvigson på Facebookpå Spotifypå Wimp

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New music from Tkacuk, Le Maine, Anna-Lena Winter and Akaba

October 15, 2014 at 5:47 pm


Tkacuk – “Borders & Land”

On his upcoming EP “Borders & Land” Tkacuk wages war agains the dark powers of prejudice and hate that are spreading all over Europe now. The title track here below is the first shot and turns out to be a bright, hopeful song about wiping away the illusions of nationalism. It’s easy to start singing along to this one.

Le Maine – “Daughter of a King”

Le Maine doesn’t hold back on anything in the song “Daughter of a King”. It’s a classic rock ballad with extra everything which explodes in a chorus of filmepic proportions. To support their dramatic music the band has created dark stories which their upcoming debut-EP “Arte” will tell us more about. The song has a beautiful melody which is unique enough, and catchy, but still I miss one thing in the song to make it reach all the way to give those enjoyable shivers in the middle of the most dramatic parts. It’s the lead vocals where they have chosen to embed it a bit too much in vocal harmonies and dubs, right there in the parts when you need it to be the strongest. It’s still a great track, though, no doubt about it, and it will be interesting to hear the EP where they are heading with this.

Anna-Lena Winter – “Raw”

Anna-Lena Winter has released four albums before with the band Winter. Now she’s has collaborated with Håkan Svensson and Håkan Nyberg from Nationalteatern to create her first solo album “Raw”. And it really feels raw, with a sound that is to some extent inspired by Black Keys, but where we’ve also heard these kicked-speaker-membrane-distortion guitars from Pär Edwardsson before, who also happens to be one of the producers on this album, together with Håkan Svensson. It’s a quite varying and dynamic album with songs like these two catchy melodic tracks here below, to the heavy, glamrock-sounding “Everybody Dance” to the beautiful, minimalistic “Tell Me It’s a Lie” and a lot more to discover on this album that grows with each listen.

Akaba – “94″

Finally a song with the duo Akaba, a duo consisting of Pineforest Crunch singer Åsa Carild and Tobias Ljungkvist from Reminder and Two Times the Trauma. They’re releasing the debut album on the 30:th of October, “The Rust Within”, and the first single from the album, “94″, is out now:

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Playlists for September – Spotify, Wimp and Rara

October 8, 2014 at 12:01 pm

I’ve added playlists now on SpotifyWimp and Rara with the music I presented here on the blog in September.

Meadowmusic, September 2014 – Spotify

Meadowmusic, September 2014 – Wimp

Meadowmusic, September 2014 – Rara (the playlist is available on Rara’s page for recommended playlists)

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