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New songs from Livboj, Feivel, Chirping, Bigger Trees and Sudakistan

September 30, 2014 at 12:08 pm


Livboj – “Opium Twist” – EP

The duo Livboj,  Jonny “Calzone” Klingvall and Jonas Borgström, released their debut EP “Opium Twist” last week. Four great indie-songs in Swedish. Here’s the title track:

Feivel – “Friend”

Feivel, whom we’ve met before as Elin Hörberg in the Malmö band Skilla, has released her second single, “Friend”. The song is taken from the upcoming EP “Feivel”.

Chirping – “Ambitions”

Here’s another great single from Chirping. “Ambitions”:

Bigger Trees – “Whistleblow My Mind”

Here’s the debut single from the band Bigger Trees, “Whistleblow My Mind”, with two beautiful, ambient and a bit minimalistic songs.

Sudakistan – “Rabia”

Sudakistan is a quintet where most members have Southamerican roots. “Rabia” is their first single from their upcoming debut album, a song where they let loose their mix of latino rhythms and garage rock.

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More pop delicacies from Gus By Heart, Amason, Grapell, Stalon, 20 Years of Wednesday and Josef Johanssón

September 26, 2014 at 3:34 pm
Gus By Heart

Gus By Heart

Gus By Heart – “Train In the Sky”

Gus By Heart is on his way with the new album “Ocean Spirit”, to be released on the 8th of October. This week he came out with this single, “Train In the Sky”, which promises a lot for the record. I’m also taking the opportunity to add the beautiful track “Belong”, which he released earlier this month with Adna joining him on vocals.

Amason – “Duvan”

Amason is a band with members from Little Majorette, Dungen, Miike Snow, Hajen and Idiot Wind. Last year they released an EP and earlier this year a couple of excellent singles. Now they let us taste the new song “Duvan”, which will be released officially through the american label Fairfax Recordings on the 28th of October. Their further plans include the release of the debut album “Sky City” in the beginning of 2015. Here’s the new song plus two of the earlier songs.

Grapell – “Best Friend”

The duo Grapell charmed us last month with a piece of great soul. Now they have launched the next single, “Best Friend”, a real Autumn warmer. On the 8th of October they are releasing the EP “Friends”.

Stalon – “Jag kapitulerar”

Stalon consists of the three brothers Viktor, Philip and Kristoffer Jonsson. They are also closing in on the launch of their debut album “Ingen annanstans” and have so far released two singles to show us what they’re up to. “Jag kapitulerar” came out this week and “1992″ earlier in summer, presenting a nice melodic, a bit nostalgic pop in Swedish.

20 Years of Wednesday – “Time” - video

If you go to Jämtland you may find this new band, 20 Years of Wednesday. They have just released this music video to their song “Time”, a song full of uplifting, energic, dense indie pop.

Josef Johanssón – “Blickar kan mörda” - video

“Blickar kan mörda” is a song Josef Johanssón wrote together with Orup, and which was released last month. This week he presented this wonderful music video, a video he directed himself.

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Delicious pop from Dotter, LO, Cajsa Siik and Beatrice Eli

September 25, 2014 at 3:00 pm


Dotter – “My Flower”

Today Dotter, or Johanna Jansson which is her real name, is releasing her debut single “My Flower”. With the deep forests of Wärmland behind her she delivers a very catchy pop track which is built on a grand Motown-stomp and her clear voice. A great start for Johanna who’s planning on following up with a debut EP later this Autumn.

LO – “Endlessness” EP

Here’s another new and quite interesting female voice. It’s about Lovisa Olsson, or in short LO, who has a kind of unique tone in her voice that I love. And she knows how to use it too, like in the electro-sounding “Love of Mine” here below, or the grand, emotional “Missing Wings” which you can also listen to. Both songs come from her excellent debut EP “Endlessness”, which was released in Spring.

Cajsa Siik – “Higher”

Here’s Cajsa Siik with the second appetizer before the release of her next album. It’s called “Higher” and is a very beautiful pop creation with a bit minimalistic arrangement, muffled guitars and smooth melodies.

Beatrice Eli – “Moment of Clarity”

After the fantastic single “Girls” in Spring I’ve been looking forward to hearing more songs from Beatrice Eli. Luckily she has released her next song, “Moment of Clarity”. This is also a piece of catchy pop with attitude, where an energy-pumping verse blossoms in a eighties-sounding chorus. It’s the second single from the debut album “Die Another Day”, to be released on the 22nd of October.

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Psychadelic Wednesday with Black Light White Light, The Wands and The Janitors

September 24, 2014 at 3:41 pm
Black Light White Light

Black Light White Light

Black Light White Light – “High Like a Hurricane”/”Operators”

The Danish-Swedish trio Black Light White Light are on their way with a new album. It’s called “Gold Into Dreams” and will be released on October 6th. In Spring they showed the first taste of the album, “High Like a Hurricane”, and recently the second one, the single “Operators”. The sound is a bit harder and rawer now compared with the earlier songs, but I certainly still recognize their style which breathes of brit pop just as well as of psychadelia.

The Wands – “Sound of the Machine”

As I already have one foot in Denmark I might as well take the full leap over and present the Danish band The Wands. In November their debut album comes out, an album which has been preceeded by this excellent single, “Sound of the Machine”. With their nice fuzzy guitar they takes all the way back to sixties and the original psychadelia.

The Janitors – “Evil Doings of an Evil Kind” EP

The Janitors, hailing from Stockholm have just launched their new EP “Evil Doings of an Evil Kind”. Here we meet a much darker and harder psykadelia than the one from their colleagues above. It’s often hypnotic and monotone in a large echoing room which they fill with explosive noise rock and razor sharp melodies that cut through the massive guitars. The song themes go hand in hand with the music like for example with greed in “Greed” and the growing ultra right movements in Europe, which the band comments on in the song “Here They Come”.

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New songs from The Hanged Man, Last Days of April, June You Lie and The Screamer

September 19, 2014 at 3:14 pm
The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

Rebecka Rolfart, whom we have met earlier in Those Dancing Days and Vulkano, is now devoting herself to her new band The Hanged Man. This week they released the debut single, “First Time Dreaming”, a dark psychadelic pop described as “a head-trip through space, down a careening oceanic trench and into the dark woods, illuminated only by the stars. ”

Last Days of April – “Someone For Everyone”

From the darkness to the sunshine. Last Days Of April is back with new catchy country pop in the new single “Someone For Anyone”, a song for us that have heard the old Eagles songs too many times and need something fresh and new.

June, You Lie – “Car Park”

Here’s a new quartet that call themselves June, You Lie. “Car Park” is their first creation, a sweet, melodic indie pop song full of young energy.

The Screamer – “Freak Out

Here’s a cool track from the band The Screamer with a punky electronica in their own special blend. “Freak Out”!:

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