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Pop from Polar Bear & King, Trädet, Alice Boman, Little Children and Natten

September 16, 2014 at 3:29 pm
Little Children

Little Children

Polar Bear & King – “Holy Ground”

Polar Bear & King is a new duo who have just released their first single, “Holy Ground”. Quite a pleasant acquaintance with falsetto vocals dressed in a powerful folk pop sound which emphasize the song title.

Trädet – “Minds” (feat. Linnea Sundemo)

Trädet is the artist behind this bright, soft electropop creation, “Minds”, together with Linnea Sundemo, who has supplied vocals and lyrics. “A track about pretending, longing, waiting, maybe begging” they write.

Alice Boman – “Be Mine”

Alice Boman is in her very own special dimension, a dimension full of peace and harmony. Luckily for us we can visit her now and then to rest our weary heads. Like now, when she’s releasing this beautiful single “Be Mine”, taken from her debut album released this summer. The video is created by the video artist Anders Weberg.

Little Children – “Hey Hey”

I don’t say no to new songs from Linus Lutti and his Little Children. Here in the latest single “Hey Hey” with a rawer and closer sound compared to the last two songs from earlier this year.

Natten – “Taxi Taxi”

Finally a new song and video from Natten, “Taxi Taxi”, this time with vocals by Wonder Wendy. “The video making process involved building a coffin, digging graves and organizing a night time cultic ritual in an undisclosed location in Stockholm. Quite simply a very enjoyable saturday night”, they tell.

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Sibirien – “När jorden blev rund”

September 12, 2014 at 2:43 pm


Today Sibirien, aka David Björk, is releasing the mini album “När jorden blev rund”. After the beautifully dark single “Eld” in Spring I had some expectations on the album, but he certainly fulfilled them all. Here I’m met by a wonderful balance between the beautiful, soothing and that which tears, worries and rips your heart in two, in both music and lyrics.

He completely master the large, dark, reverbing room and fills it with beautiful, sad pop melodies, accompanied by everything from heavy distorted synths to a lonely piano. It’s a powerful album that should be listened from the beginning to the end. The title track is also released as a single and is about violence that nurture more violence, about how people disregard history when they react to conflicts of today, without questioning or learning from the past, David writes. Here’s the single track plus the grand, finishing “Hål i min hand”.

Sibirien på Facebookpå Spotifypå Soundcloud

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New music from Jennie Abrahamson, Systemet, Dimman and Manifestet

September 11, 2014 at 4:12 pm
Jennie Abrahamson

Jennie Abrahamson

Jennie Abrahamson – “Wolf”

Here’s Jennie Abrahamson with her new single “Wolf”, a song that is taken from her latest album “Gemini Gemini”, which was released in Spring. A beautiful, ambient pop song with a Kate Bush-vibing chorus. Right now she’s touring Europe and in November and December she will join Peter Gabriel on a part of his tour, as a supporting act and as a duet partner.

Systemet – “Välkommen till fördomen”

Dark lyrics about a gray land but with colourful music. Yesterday the trio Systemet released the album “Välkommen till fördomen”, 11 songs with a quite unique sound where they blend analogue-sounding retro synths with melodic, straight guitar pop. A strong album with quite a few memorable lines. Here’s the starting track “Killarna mot tjejerna”:

Dimman – “Sigmal”

Dimman consists of the two friends Matthew Bolger and Richard Egan, now based in Malmö. In Spring they released the debut EP and this week the lively, melodic and instrumental track “Sigmal”:

Manifestet – “Rännstenens kungar”

Manifestet, Jonas Carping’s and Martin Karlsson’s common project, released their second singel in June.  It’s called “Rännstenens kungar” a spicy and tasty song which, according to Jonas, is about dancing on the edge of destruction, to do what you want to do without caring about what others are saying:

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The Radio Dept. – “Death to Fascism”

September 10, 2014 at 3:25 pm

The Radio Dept. have released their first new song in four years. And that they do it this week with this song, “Death to Fascism”, is of course because of the upcoming Swedish elections on Sunday.

The frase “Smrt fašizmu, sloboda narodu!” (“Death to fascism, freedom to the people!”) which is repeated through the whole song, was a Yugoslavian and an Albanian partisan motto during the second world war, and after the war it was accepted as the slogan of the entire resistance movement.

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Dennis Camitz wants you to vote

September 9, 2014 at 1:22 pm

Later this Autumn Dennis Camitz will release the single “Blame”, but since we have elections in Sweden on Sunday he hurried to make an acoustic version and present it as a music video. He takes the opportunity to call on people to vote with the heart, for humanity and equality.

Because that’s how it is nowadays in Sweden. The most important issue we have to consider is if we want to defend our basic human rights and equal values for all, regardless of gender, origin, religion or sexuality, or if we want a society where we disregard this. A rather simple choice and an important one too I believe, even if you’re normally uninterested in politics. Every person that doesn’t vote will unfortunately leave more room for these dark ideas to influence our country. So, vote!

Dennis Camitz på Facebookpå Spotifypå Wimp

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