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Låtsaspoeten – “Två steg fram”

May 27, 2016 at 5:18 pm


Now Låtsaspoeten, aka Jon Rinneby, has released his third album in a year, an accomplishment in itself. It’s even more impressive with the high quality of the albums, and how he constantly evolves his sound and seems to be able to pick up anything around him to write a song about. I really enjoyed the first two albums, maybe the second “Nattmusik för människor” the most, where he started blending the acoustic poetic songs with vibes from dreamy folkindie into a more colourful mixture.

“Två steg fram” continues in this direction, but adds even more shades, playfulness and variation. He begins with his specialty, one of these melodic figures that refuses to leave your head afterwards, in “Hösten är vår”. Yes, it was so sticky that I found myself humming the melody in the supermarket when I was reminding myself what I had to buy: “We’re out of milk”. At the same time he throws us into a feeling of fellowship which sticks with us through the album as he digs into personal reflections, everday life and human delusions. I even smile in recognition when he sings about dyscalculia, even though I’m not afflicted by this term myself. He is quite a nice chap to hang out with this Jon, and wise as well, and poetic. The ability to make the songs soar with beautiful melodies, soft vocal harmonies and echoing riffs are there all the time, but it’s also down to earth and full of rough edges which makes it all land in a tousled folksong indie. In this trilogy of strong albums, this was the most fun to listen to. But I suspect that he won’t stop there, and that the next one is already on its way.

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Funeral Suits – “Tree of Life”

May 4, 2016 at 4:07 pm

Funeral Suits

The Irish quartet Funeral Suits has released a strong video to their latest single “Tree of Life”. It’s about the 7  deadly sins, which are placed in a modern financial context, a fitting topic these days. They have had quite some success before with their videos, first of all with “Those Friendly People” in 2012, a video that has attracted millions of viewers. It’s a great song also, a percussion-heavy, dramatic indie electronica which almost feels like a reincarnation of the early Tears For Fears.

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Leoson – “Surrender”

May 3, 2016 at 3:08 pm


Stefan Leoson has emerged again after a couple of years of silence, as a recording artist at least. Now he calls himself just Leoson and has released the new single “Surrender”, which you can listen to here below. It’s a dramatic and bittersweet tune which grows to a strong rock hymn with a taste of artrock, hardrock and powerpop. And he certainly has the voice and the production skills to pull this off.

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Moment – “Sorry For You”

May 3, 2016 at 1:41 pm


We’ve met Rasmus Viberg before as a singer in the band Hurricane Love. Now he’s joined Joel Strömgren and Jacob Lindvall, forming the trio Moment. The first single “No Matter Who We Are” was released a month ago, and a few days ago the next one was launched, “Sorry For You”. You’ll hear a smoothly polished melancholic pop which they build up to powerful, catchy choruses.

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Fou De Toi – “Only In My Head”

May 3, 2016 at 12:39 pm

Fou De Toi

Here’s a new single with Fou De Toi and a new change in their sound. This time they have written and produced the song together with Olle Blomström, aka Faråker. Obviously this song is the first single from the upcoming EP and not the earlier single “Don’t Know What to Do“, which I wrote then. Here they start out with a more open sound, breatlessly urging us on, literally. It all explodes in a contagious pop refrain with football choirs, which will hook you up the first time you hear it, I promise.

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