Per Störby Jutbring – “Tomorrow”

September 18, 2015 at 1:14 pm

Per Störby Jutbring

Today the acclaimed Swedish movie “My Skinny Sister” has its premiere in the cinemas. At the same time Per Störby Jutbring are releasing the soundtrack to the movie. The single “Tomorrow” is taken from there, a wonderful, ambient pop track and a perfect film song that immediately catches on.

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Andreas Söderström och Johan Berthling – “Hotell”

September 25, 2013 at 11:01 am


It happens now and then that I describe music as filmic, like if it was part of a soundtrack to a movie, but it’s rather unusual that I present music that is actually written for a film. But today I have some real film music to show you with Andreas Söderström’s and Johan Berthling’s beautiful music to Lisa Langseth’s new film “Hotell”. It’s music that can stand on it’s own legs, with which we can can dream away for a little while and create our own images. Here in Sweden the film has it’s premiere in the beginning of October.

Skurkarna – “A Crimewave Escapade”

October 29, 2012 at 4:21 pm


The band Skurkarna (the crooks) call their music crime rock. On the new album “A Crimewave Escapade” they direct a hardboiled instrumental gangster story. The combination of the atmosphere from thriller movies and TV series from the sixties, samples with film quotes and their own touch of rock make it a quite interesting album, absolutely worth seeing.

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The Stick Up
Clark Syndrome

Tired Tape Machine – “Between Raindrops”

March 15, 2012 at 1:18 pm

Tired Tape Machine

Petter Lindhagen calls his instrumental one man band Tired Tape Machine. The name is taken from an album by Smog from 1990, as Petter thought that his first album “Somewhere Safe” sounded a little bit like a tired old tape recorder.

Recently he released the album “Between Raindrops”, a quite pleasant instrumental experience. It has a filmic vibe, and I easily play images in my mind as I listen. He dives in and out of different genres and mixes them, but without being difficult to access. No, this is very easy to absorb and sink into, with melodies and soft ambiences to lean back on. A diverse album but with a very personal touch.

You can listen to the album and follow Tired Tape Machine on Facebook. “Between Raindrops” is also available on Wimp.

Between Raindrops
Plastic Smile 

Morris i motljus

January 24, 2012 at 5:28 pm

Morris i motljus

Behind the artist name Morris i motljus we find Henrik Ivarsson. In the Autumn he released the EP “Morris i motljus”, seven instrumental songs, which directly transfered me to the movies. There are alternating bombastic rock orchestral works and softer, more ambient tracks, like it was made for an epic adventure on the big screen.

A couple of years ago Henrik read a newspaper article with the headline “Jag fruktade att de hade ätit Morris” (“I feared that they had eaten Morris”), a story about an old lady who was afraid that the fox had taken her cat. During summer 2010 he came up with the idea that he would compose music for the story, thereby also starting to realize his dream of creating music for film.

“Jag fruktade att de hade ätit Morris” was only a project name from the start, but soon after he had released the music on the net, it de facto became his artist name. As he never was comfortable with that name, he took the opportunity to change it before this release.

You can listen to and download the EP for free on his Bandcamp page and you can also find him on Facebook. Here’s the opening track “Drömmar är som vackrast innan de går i uppfyllelse” (“Dreams are most beautiful before they come true”:

Drömmar är som vackrast innan de går i uppfyllelse

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