Dubious Quip – “The Fear”

September 15, 2015 at 3:48 pm

Dubious Quip

Dubious Quip, aka Daniel Rosenholm, makes a splendid comeback with the new album “The Fear”, his first release in 6 years. He is bringing 6 dub-inspired tracks which breathes of laidback grooves and a calm thoughtfulness. There’s a wonderful mix of retro influences, sound experimentation and acoustic tones. He moves effortlessly across various genres from for example the John Lee Hooker-beckoning “Boom Boom Boom”, to the soul vibing “Sunny Weather”, which makes me think of Bill Withers, to the R&B-inspired “Tears of Happiness”.

The title track “The Fear” is the last song and is a piano ballad about the fear of strangers that lurks behind many doors in our society. It’s a sad and painfully beautiful song, but there’s no resignation here, rather a calm decisiveness and a humble peace.
He has declared that all revenue from the record goes to the organisation Save The Children and their work for helping the Syrian refugees. The official release is on Friday but the entire album is available now on Bandcamp.

Dubious Quip’s site – on Facebookon Spotifyon Apple Musicon Bandcamp

Modual – “Choose Your Confusion”

August 8, 2012 at 5:21 pm


A year and a half ago I wrote about Modual, who then surprised me with the pleasant EP “Infinity”. Obviously I missed writing about the EP “In All Kinds” last year, but in any case they’re back now with the new EP “Choose Your Confusion”, where they continue with their own mix of  DnB, dubstep and pop: popstep. This EP is at least as good and contains both nice pop songs and cool chillout music. On two tracks they get help with the vocals by Signe.

Generously they offer free download of the EP on their Bandcamp page, but if you prefer Spotify or Wimp, the music is available there too. You can also find Modual on Facebook.

Fade Away (feat Signe)
No Way Out

I Am Trip – “As It Was”

December 2, 2011 at 3:31 pm

I Am Trip

I Am Trip is a music project created by Filip Forsström, who, on the EP “As It Was” serves experimental soundscapes where he mixes ambient, dub/step, glitch and IDM. Harmonic, soft sound spaces are broken up with chopped beats, “glitches” and sound figures which create a special atmosphere. It becomes an interesting work of sound art, which I imagine can give rise to very personal associations, which is also Filip’s objective with the project:

The project and it’s name stands for going on an inner journey and explore which places, experiences and emotions the music creates. It’s not about what the music whas meant as , it’s the individual experience that is the goal.

For me personally the character Trip is created. If Trip will join anyone else on their journey is entirely up to each and every one. And the personal interpretation is the focus of what the journey can become.

On I Am Trip’s site you can download the EP and you can also listen to the tracks on his Soundcloud page.

I Don’t Know

Broken Boys – “Heat and White”

November 25, 2011 at 4:41 pm

Broken Boys

I’ll continue today with more instrumental music, but of a different character, with Broken Boys’ new album “Heat and White”. Here it’s about dub, electronica, samples and a rather dark, urban atmosphere.

The album gives an impression of being carefully crafted and feels like an art collage of music interwoven into a whole. A strong debut from the Malmö band where Olof Persson tells us about the band name that he once saw it sprayed over a wall in Mocambique and felt that it went well with their music as being tough and sad at the same time.

Broken Boys have made the album available on their Bandcamp page, where you can listen and download it for free. You’ can also find the band on Spotify and on Facebook.

A C# (E F#)

Support the artist: Buy “Heat and White” on iTunes

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