Beatclash and Meadowmusic

April 10, 2014 at 4:04 pm

Beatclash.comSince a few days I’m also writing reviews about music videos on, a relatively new site focusing on music videos. I received a request a little while ago that the content here on Meadowmusic could complement their content in a good way. Usually I’m quite selective with list and review sites, as many are focusing too much on Top 40 (average music for average people) and miss all pearls for songs and music videos out on the net.

Beatclash feels great in this aspect, though, with a wide selection of music and possibilities to be able to discover new music and great music videos. Since I receive a lot of videos that deserve more attention, I said yes and have just started my video column there. If you’re interested in music videos I recommend that you to take a look at .

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