Crowdburn – “Ignition”

October 15, 2013 at 12:14 pm


Accustomed readers of this blog may be a little surprised  how I start this week, i.e. with some heavy thrash metal from Crowdburn, a band hailing from Umeå. Most often I’ve kept away from these domains of rock, but after having exposed myself to this metal energy during The Roskilde Festival this summer, it got to me, and my music menu is now even wider.

Crowdburn’s debut album “Ignition” is an excellent opportunity to express this new passion. It’s a splendidly raw rock album, but which also offers just the right dose of sweetness in the form of melodic smooth choruses. Add to that a fine variation and genre mixes and you’ll have an album that will keep you interested through all ten songs. Here’s a couple of songs from this raw beauty.

Crowdburn’s site – on Facebookon Spotifyon Wimpon Raraon Soundcloud

Pretty Whores

April 17, 2009 at 2:21 pm

Pretty WhoresThree high school friends took their disgust for school choirs and pretentious jazz students and their frustration over growing up in a small town, as the fuel for starting a band, Pretty Whores.

Does it sound like punk? Yes, and punk rock is exactly what it is. Steaming, energetic punk rock with a garage, old school feeling. Add some Beastie Boys attitude and we’re getting close to their sound.

Pretty Whores have recently released their self titled EP, and you can listen to and download a track from the EP, here below. You’ll find the band on Pretty Whores’ site and on Myspace, where you can listen to the other songs from the EP.

Pistol In My Hand:

Teens of USA

The Federales

January 19, 2009 at 1:20 am

Manne is the first guest blogger here at Normally he writes about music on his own blog: Mannolitos Musikblogg. (in Swedish)

The FederalesThe Federales is one of those bands that makes me wonder. Why can’t I find their CD in the record store? Well of course, it must be sold out. Why do they play at Fight Club and ACE instead of Circus in Stockholm? Well, it must be that they prefer clubs before bigger scenes.

My answers to these questions, though, are quite incorrect. The Federales consists of 5 girls that still go to high school, and they prioritise school. They are not in a hurry with breaking through. They will eventually break through. With all certainty. The Federales is that good. And it’s not without pride when I write that they are from Sweden, from Västerås to be exact.

The Federales play a catchy and fascinating indie rock, in the style of the rock bands that flourished in the fifties, the sixties and the seventies. But it doesn’t feel outdated, on the contrary, it feels new and fresh.  Julia’s wonderful vocals is a big part of this along with great musicians. I’d like to say what my nice friend Lovisa said citing John: “It’s what all cool cats listen to and it’s what all cool younger cats will listen to when they get older looking for great music. Jag vill säga som min fina vän Lovisa sade när hon citerade John: “Det är vad alla coola katter lyssnar på och det är vad alla coola yngre katter kommer lyssna på när de blir äldre och ska se sig om efter bra musik. The music of Sweden is saved!”

I got to talk with Hanna and Lois from The Federales, and among other things we talked about what music they listen to and how it feels to be nominated for Rockbjörnen! Read the interview on my site: Mannolitos Musikblogg. (in Swedish)

Visit The Federales on MySpace to listen more.

Two songs with the Federales::

You Are

(This post was translated from the original post in Swedish)

Giant Wide

September 8, 2008 at 6:27 am

Giant WideI’m sitting here in the light of the night lamp, which right now is whiskey coloured. But gee I feel good…well not only from the sweet drops from Ardbeg, more, I would say, from the sweet tones from the Gothenburg-Borås band Giant Wide.

I’m looking for influences from the psychedelic blues of Roky Erickson and from Soundtrack of our lives, where Ebbot’s vocals are more of an instrument than just vocals. But I have to say that Giant Wide sounds like Giant Wide and not like anything else. I feels like this great band has found their own unique style.

THIS IS SO GOOD!!! (whoops, the whiskey voice came through)

This is grinding guitars and a drummer that really has to fight to be heard, but really succeeds in the end. The vocals are sometimes really distorted, but is mixed into the songs, not just like “normal” vocals, but like it’s an extra instrument and offers an incredible feeling to it.

Enjoy the songs of Giant Wide:
See the Road
Our Time Is Coming
Go and Get Done
I’ll Leave You Here

Visit the band:
Giant Wide on Myspace

Keep cool,

(translated by Pär/Blindmen)

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