October 28, 2008 at 1:00 pm

VadadiRobert Vadadi is the central character in this emo inspired band, and the debut album has just been released. Even if there are some models here, it feels like a very personal album, which Robert emphasizes with his special, almost whispering voice.

The music are sometimes a mellow pop/rock, with grand choruses and a driving beat, where the toms are worked hard. And in some songs it’s about more quiet thoughts with beautiful melodies. Mellow yes, but not as dark as thought from the start, rather a sense of hope beneath the surface, human and beautiful. Personal.

The album is available for purchase on the big net shops, and the best deal is with CDBaby, where it’s available for the neat price of 2.5 dollars. If you would like a CD, there is a special offer where Robert personally will deliver the record to your door for the price of 399 euros. (an offer you can’t refuse? :-))

Listen to and download two tracks from the album:

Forgive Me (feat Tess)

You can listen to the entire album on Lastfm
and Vadadi also has a Myspace page
Vadadis site

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