Bus Stop Dreams – “Come Together”

March 2, 2012 at 3:08 pm

Come Together

Now we in Bus Stop Dreams have released our third single, “Come Together” (and no, it’s not a Beatles cover). There are two songs, written by Lasse Thomasson and Pär Enqvist respectively, treating the same subject but from two different perspectives. “A dystopian group cuddle” we call it.

The singer on the title track is Andreas Lundgren and on the second song “Let Us Light a Fire” Ulla Wrethagen is singing. You can listen to and download the songs here below, and you can also find these and our other songs on Bus Stop Dreams’ music page. You can find out more about Bus Stop Dreams on the site and on Facebook.

Come Together
Let Us Light a Fire

Bus Stop Dreams – “The Kiss”

September 8, 2011 at 2:28 pm

Bus Stop Dreams - "The Kiss"It feels quite different to write this post, to say the least. And that’s because Bus Stop Dreams is my own band. Well, not only my band, but also my colleague Lasse Thomasson’s and several other members’. My first thoughts was to hand this over to someone else to write about, or to not write at all, but then I thought that this blog is very much about me presenting music I like, so why not write it myself?

Bus Stop Dreams is the name of the band and besides me the band consists of Lasse Thomasson and part time members Jan Johansen, Pär Enqvist, Ulla Wrethagen, Tobbe Möller and Andreas Lundgren. Today the first single “The Kiss” was released, with two songs composed by Lasse Thomasson: the title track “The Kiss” (lead vocals by Jan Johansen) and “The Big One” (lead vocals by Pär Enqvist). Ulla Wrethagen is singing backing vocals and Johan Jonsson plays the trumpet on “The Kiss”.

Both tracks are free to listen to and download here below, and you’ll also find them on our music page and on Spotify. You are also more than welcome to visit Bus Stop Dreams’ site and our Facebook page. Below you can also watch the video for “The Kiss”, a video where Jan Johansen acts with his wife Pia. I think that Lasse has made a fantastic work with the video.

The single is a first taste of the upcoming album “Don’t Forget to Breathe” which will be released in Winter. I hope you like the songs. /Pär

The Kiss
The Big One


October 8, 2008 at 2:00 pm

Stene In one of the nicest pubs and restaurants on Söder in Stockholm, Akkurat, you can find also one of the coolest songwriters and artists in Stockholm, Stene. A long life with music, with hard rock and recidency in the USA, Americana and as a part of Månmen together with Pär Enqvist, in that order, has finally resulted in a debut album: “Better to Take a Stand” (Rootsy Records)

And what a debut album it is! 14 intense tracks in a variety of styles, but that in the end makes me feel like standing on American soil. Here he seems secure and his own in some sense, with a production that’s very careful and precise, and with a feeling that’s manifested by his vocals, melodies and lyrics. I love these special voices, which in this case shows similarities with one of my favourites, John Hiatt, but with more depth and more seriousness.

Listen to the songs below, download them, and buy the album if you like.
If you’d like to see Stene playing live, the best bet is to checkout the schedule at

Born Blue
Telltale Dust

Read more about Stene and buy the record at Rootsy
The songs and the album are also available on Itunes, CDon et al

Stene’s home page

Tobbe Möller

September 6, 2008 at 8:00 am

Tobbe MöllerAll artists presented in here are songwriters and composers also performing their products. Tobbe Möller is a songwriter and a composer who’s performing solely for practical reasons, as he puts it.

There’s something special about Tobbe Möller, something supernatural, maybe even godlike! He may for real be the best songwriter in the world, but I’m not sure he’s aware himself.

I see Tobbe like a fairy dressed in an armour you don`t easily penetrate. But just as Tinkerbell sprinkles river glitter (or whatever) over people in need, he does the same for his tunes.

His are lyrics that are incredibly strong, clever harmonies and changes of chords, and melodies a raging bull won’t shake off.

Offered here is an early work, “Too Hard to Chew”, aside two later ones where Tobbe worked with other musicians. In “Young Boy In the Far Back Row” he got together with Lasse Söhr and singer Isak Strand.
Other recent collaborations include names as Pär Edwardson, Aurgrunn and Pär Enqvist.

Early works by Tobbe Möller maintain a feel of old rock/punk music with pumping Rickenbackers and delightful choirs; do listen to Purple Foxglove on his Myspace-page. Then rapidly switch to Tonårsbarn (Teenage Kid) or “Skakar inte mer” (Shaking No More) and enjoy the breadth of the man!

If you’re interested in the music or want to work with the originator, visit his Myspace page.

Now do enjoy the songs presented:
Lose Your Head
Young Boy In the Far Back Row
Too Hard to Chew

Visit Tobbe Möller:
Tobbe Möller på Myspace

Keep cool,

(translated by Aurgrunn)

Pär Enqvist

August 23, 2008 at 12:00 pm

It is with pride and joy that I now enter my Meadow blogging by presenting Pär Enqvist’s album “Här och Nu” (“Here and Now”, for those of you who don’t speak Swedish) as a free download.

This is straight, honest country smelling rock music from an artist that’s sure of what he does best and has refined that expression to it’s perfection. We get suggestive darkness in the opening track “Jag Tvekar” (“I doubt”), shuffle rukus in “Vinter Hos Mig”, (“Winter by me”) after thought in “En Starkare Man” (“A stronger man”), and some life embracing “come-into-my-arms-baby-and-you’ll-see-some-hot-stuff-rock-n’-roll” in “När Hon Är Hos Mig” (“When she’s with me”). We are told stories from deserted small town hotels. About the scaffolders on the roof tops of Stockholm. We get ponderings of life and love over a last shared cigarette, and it burns like its ember when promises are broken. Everything presented by the voice that at times feels as large as life itself.

I have turned this cd for some 18 months now and I sincerely see no signs of tiring! On the contrary, I constantly find new favourites! “Här och Nu” (“Here and Now”) is a collection of Pär Enqvist’s previous studio material. For those interested, I would like to recommend the official web site. (in Swedish)

Don’t miss out on Pär Enqvist!


Pär Enqvist on MySpace

Pär Enqvist – Här och Nu

1. Jag Tvekar
2. På Den Yttersta Gränsen
3. När Hon Är Hos Mig
4. Järva
5. Skål
6. Som En Ängel
7. Ta Hand Om Varann
8. Vinter Hos Mig
9. Vägen Till Stockholm
10. Bröder På Taken
11. En Starkare Man

The entire album in a zip file (65 Mb)

(translated by Clint Hell)

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