Frispråkarn – Nästa tåg nästa buss

March 31, 2009 at 3:43 pm

FrispråkarnWe have presented him before. But Frispåkarn doesn’t stop at just giving us Den ena dan är den andra lik”; he continues to create at a high level. Here he gives us his new singel “Nästa tåg nästa buss” (“Next Train Next Bus”), a song that is very direct for me, a song where he presents us with a darker side of Stokholm, while the track hammers on into my mind with beats and melodies that really hook me.

It feels like Frispråkarn moves forward all the time. Listen for yourself here:

Nästa tåg nästa buss

Möt Frispråkarn på Myspace

Pikturez & BumBill

March 24, 2009 at 8:00 am

Lately Sweden has seen a flood of rappers with stone hard boombap-beats. Somewhere in this flood you’ll find Pikturez & BumBill. Pikturez, a guy from the deep woods of Småland, did like the old emigrants and moved out. Not to New York, like you’re led to believe when you listen to him, but to Stockholm. After a while connecting through the net, Pikturez met Bumbill out on the green line. They continued to work together, and the latest work is “Urbanized Konfusion”. A consistently pleasant and, according to me and Pikturez, a narrative and true record. Pikturez:

“… lyrically it all comes from the inside. I can stand for every word on Urbanized Konfusion.”

Pikturez & BumBill is something for you that wants to listen to music that is completely free from annoying moments. If you like what you hear and are a sucker for Swedish hip hop, don’t despair! Pikturez is also available in Swedish, where he calls himself “Bildspråk den Tyngre”. Together with his crew Unionen, says Pikturez, a new release is underway. He’s also been a guest on many albums, like Shazaam’s “I Huvudet på John Landenfeldt” and Elsa’s “Stick-up”. You can be sure that you’ll hear a lot more from Pikturez in the future, not just here on Meadowmusic!

Pikturez & BumBill ft. Phonetik & Rigael Damar – In the air

Pikturez & BumBill – Nikes & Asics(Robin Bankz remix)

You liked it? Then you can download the EP by clicking on the image below..

Pikturez & BumBill on myspace

Zacke – En förlorad generation

February 12, 2009 at 3:17 pm

If you missed Zacke last time Jesper wrote about him here on Meadowmusic, you really missed something special! With a voice just as characteristic and unique as Louis Armstrong and an expression like no other swede, Zacke raises the level for Swedish hip hop yet another pinhole. Just like Snook did with their album “ÄR”.

In “Förlorad Generation” (“Lost Generation”) Zacke raises caution to his generation of the eighties and their creators. On a well produced Kihlen-beat I think that Zacke presents his qualities in the best way. Instead of being impressed, listening to an endless row of rhymes, it makes me think when I hear:

“Media, politicians, they speculate. No job we’re floating on studies ’cause on loans we can almost survive. Let us become academics in these rough times. But that education gives you a job automatically, those times are gone.” (translated from the Swedish original lyrics)

Zacke says that he’s inspired by artists like Allan Edwall, Ola Magnell and Cornelis Vreeswijk. And even if he also listens a lot to music from his own genre, it shows in his music that he gets inspiration from the outside of the hard-boiled hip hop-egg. The piano, the instruments, well the whole arrangement, makes me experience something more than just traditional hip hop. An important ingredient to this is that the instruments are handled by real musicians, which gives an extra dimension to Zacke and his music. This, and opinions like:

“I believe and hope that my generation has a positive view on society. We are the society. On the other hand, I would like that everybody, including my generation, would become more interested and engaged in what’s happening around us. That we consider how we act and also how the authorities act. If we are not aware, we are in a way lost.””

The fact is that I, as I write this, have been thinking about “floating on studies” next fall. And maybe it’s like that. That Zacke presses the right buttons, in us, in time, musically and so on. And that the kettle has been boiling long enough, up there in the north of Sweden, to start a “Revoluuuushooon…

More from and about Zacke you’ll find on his site, and his Myspace page.

Zacke feat. Kihlen – Förlorad generation

Kid Colt

December 22, 2008 at 5:30 pm

Kid ColtKid ColtKid Colt

Lately hip hop has branched and formed new varieties. One of these is called “Grime“. Often the explanations become rather diffusse when you try to explain what Grime is and how it sounds. You could say that it’s more dirty, heavier, more techno/electronica and a little darker than traditional rap. One of two grimers in Sweden, Kid Colt (to my knowledge, the other one is Max Peezay), was recently a much cheered guest on Contrahesive’s new album “Reflection is Relative” in the song “Gutter Music” and he has also released an mp3 together with Machete Productions.

Kid spits like he’s walked the streets of the London suburbs all his life. The Grime he produces is really hard, the flow heavy and the lyrics is high-octane. One can think about that if  Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer appeared geekish when the gangsta rap started, the gangsta rap now appears geekish as the Grime and Kid Colt comes out in the light, or darkness (!?).

Instead of me talking more about Kid Colt’s heavy style, I’ll let Kid Colt present himself and his Grime.

I asked Kid Colt on how his time in London has influenced him and how he discovered the grime:

It’s correct that I have lived in London, 6 years in two periods of time. Musically I only played drums in a harcore band, ha ha. Not that much hip hop then. But I did have a lot of friends that did hip hop and then there was a lot of grime-mc’s in my school. I obeserved the scene closely during my London years, but it wasn’t until I moved back to Sweden that I picked up the microphone and started rapping.

I also asked what he thinks about Dizzee Rascal and Max Peezay and if he could se himself in them:

I listened a lot to Dizzee’s first two records and he was one of my favourite MC’s for a long time. Today, though, I don’t know if he’s about grime at all. He doesn’t say that much nowadays, which is a pity. When I heard Discokommitéen for the first time I was really struck by it. I remember that I thought it was so damn’ big and it was partly because of that album that I wanted to do grime. Musically I don’t I recognise myself in any of these artists, but I have probably been more inflenced by Max Peezay since I do Swedish grime and my lyrics relate more to Sweden and my surroundings here.

Kid Colt – Flush out the crap (Machete Prod)

Kid Colt – Statement (Grime)

Kid Colt on Myspace

Sci-Fi & Hands

November 23, 2008 at 1:00 pm

Sci-Fi & Hands

Sci-Fi & Hands is something of the most refreshing that has hit my eardrums; maybe ever. These two gentlemen certainly takes it back. I haven’t heard hip hop with mad skills like these since the nineties. I give my full respect and devotion for Hands who, to me, is one of the best DJ:s in Sweden. Furthermore, Sci-Fi grabs the microphone and shows a flow like the phenomenal east-coast.

It’s quite obvious that there are no ordinary guys from the suburbs behind the wheel. Partly because of Sci-Fi’s high quality of the rhymes, the punchlines and the English skills overall. And partly because of that Hands’ hands creates magic for the listener. This is something that should be heard from everybody’s speaker!

Sci-Fi and Hands are not only old-school in their expression but also in their constellation as an MC and a  DJ. working together. “Sci-Fi & Hands is a Stockholm duo consisting of a chronically complaining computer nerd and a polished KTH-academic”, you can read at kulturfascisten’s blog, which could seem a little strange with the gangster images of the rappers of today in mind. But really, how much of gangstas were MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice?

Well, enough of this, there is no point of continuing to throw superlatives at Sci-Fi & Hands; better to listen to the music:

Sci-Fi & Hands – Poison of choice
Sci-Fi & Hands – The dating game

Sci-Fi & Hands’ site (more tracks to listen to)

Sci-Fi & Hands’ Myspace page

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