Dubious Quip (again)

November 23, 2008 at 12:30 pm

There was obviously some problem with the track “Obedient Minds” with Dubious Quip as published two days ago, some people have reported. Therefore we have converted the track into a more common format which you can download in this post:

Dubious Quip – Obedient Minds

Dubious Quip

November 21, 2008 at 1:00 pm

Dubious Quip

Maybe you have seen the movie Black snake moan and remember the scene where Samuel L. Jackson’s character plays the song Stack-O-Lee Lee in a smoky, sweaty and dirty Mississippi bar and remember the feeling. With the song “Obedient Minds” Dubious Quip have managed to create the feeling from the after-party.

From what I know, Dubious Quip comes in several variations; a smoky, sweaty and dirty kind of modern blues, an acoustic version and also as hip hop. It’s hard to put a label on Dubious Quip; and sometimes I also find reggae influences.
I like the first variation best, since I have a preference for songs where I can create my own music video in my head. Moby is a good example of this, and even if Dubious Quip and Moby are far away from each other musically, Dubious Quip also manages to create images within me. Dubious Quip is something for you who like to sit in a smoky room with a smoky whisky and feel good!

Dubious Quip – Obedient Minds

Dubious Quip on Myspace
Dubious Quip’s site
He also has an interesting community where you can listen, discuss and read more.


November 15, 2008 at 1:00 pm

“It’s human to error, so we do it every day!”

That’s a quote from the-don’t-give-a-fuck-ism or just Ismen that Mickelito and Sober formed together. Ismen is real farm boy hip hop in a good way, and the sound they create together, sometimes with an almost embarrassing puberty sense of humour in “Alla gillar brudar” (“Everyone likes chicks”), sometimes more serious like in “Alla älskar en död man” (“Everyone loves a dead man”) and a nice image of smelly flannel shirts and fuck you-attitude, is just what is needed on stage.

The album “Inget kan bli skönt nog” (“Nothing is nice enough”) is without doubt the hottest release in Swedish in a long time. Mickelito and Sober makes their music sound intelligent, however unintelligent this may sound. But the fact is that if there were a winner’s stand where Organism12 would be the punchline master of Sweden, then Ismen definitely would be up there on the stand. Instead of an all-too-serious record you are entertained all the time by the music that is inventive and well-written. Ismen’s enormous vocabulary shoots out original thoughts while the beats, produced by Xeilon and others, give Ismen’s expression a totality.

So if you thought that Eminem didn’t “give a fuck”, go and get “Inget kan bli skönt nog”. You have to!


Ismen & Gorillala – Alla gillar brudar

Ismen – Vita stolen

Ismen’s Myspace page

Ismen’s site

Ps. Laxmacka Crew with Ismen, Mofeta & Jerre, Cleo and others, will release a new mixtape in the beginning of week 47. The release is on Ismen’s hemsida. Get it!


November 9, 2008 at 1:00 am

Nowadays hip hop often is about the wrong things. One who knows better is Menteroja. Menteroja is the Swedish answer to Immortal Technique. One who knows better is Menteroja. Menteroja is the Swedish answer to Immortal Techinque. Someone who knows what the content of his lyrics really means. Politics is the headline in Enesto’s lyrics and you can read from his artist name Menteroja from where he’s speaking. Menteroja that, translated from Spanish, means “red mind”. The blood that flows through Ernesto’s veins is red since birth and inherited from his parents that had to flee from their country, Uruguay, to avoid torture and possible death because of their political views.

Menteroja produces his music together with the master mind Robin Banks and the result is a a sound that sounds like well-produced underground. Since Robin Banks is involved there is a feeling of the nineties and with Menterojas aggressive attitude and opinions there is a a touch of Wu-Tang Clan but without the gangsta rap.


”Never riding no trend we forever devoted

making the tracks you’ll be hummin

and the rhymes y’all be qouting”

To me Menteroja means a musical moment that will stick with me for life. One night a friend calls me asking me if I want to come to Menteroja’s release party. Mente-what? I ask and feel a little ashamed since I don’t know of him. A few hours and a few drinks later I’m standing there at the party in Växjö, digging the rhythm and feeling that everything is so soft! Hopefully you’ll like him as much as I do.

Forever Devoted
Science to the Youth


Menteroja’s hemsida

Menteroja’s Myspace


November 8, 2008 at 1:00 am

The vibes from Contrahesive takes you back to the heavy nineties with a touch of Fjärde Världen. Not least because of the genius producer Robin Banks’ ability to create feeling and thought in every beat, and Luuda’s verses, delivered softly just like Jay-Z but in Swedish.

The first time I heard Luuda was on Snook’s first album “Vi vet inte vart vi ska men vi ska komma dit” in the song “Har du tänkt på din egen begravning?” (“Have you thought about your own funeral?”), where he makes a masterly guest appearance. MC Porno I heard on Allears a year ago, and I have liked him since then. Especially for the song “Bob Dylan Is a Rapper”. Porno’s style is right up my alley, since hip hop and electronica are my two favourite genres. I think that Porno’s way of mixing these genres and at the same time have an international and unique sound, makes him stand out. And that the styles of the two rappers are so different makes this collaboration even more interesting.

Porno, Luuda and Robin Banks have together created the album “Reflection Is Relative”, which could be the soundtrack to Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, Domino or any great movie. The album is real and doesn’t solve any political world problems, but the lack of good Swedish hip hop and autumn drabness.

Download Contrahesive’s “Reflection Is Relative” for free.

Contrahesive – One

Contrahesive – Gutter music

Contrahesive – Window view

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