Sci-Fi & Hands

November 23, 2008 at 1:00 pm

Sci-Fi & Hands

Sci-Fi & Hands is something of the most refreshing that has hit my eardrums; maybe ever. These two gentlemen certainly takes it back. I haven’t heard hip hop with mad skills like these since the nineties. I give my full respect and devotion for Hands who, to me, is one of the best DJ:s in Sweden. Furthermore, Sci-Fi grabs the microphone and shows a flow like the phenomenal east-coast.

It’s quite obvious that there are no ordinary guys from the suburbs behind the wheel. Partly because of Sci-Fi’s high quality of the rhymes, the punchlines and the English skills overall. And partly because of that Hands’ hands creates magic for the listener. This is something that should be heard from everybody’s speaker!

Sci-Fi and Hands are not only old-school in their expression but also in their constellation as an MC and a  DJ. working together. “Sci-Fi & Hands is a Stockholm duo consisting of a chronically complaining computer nerd and a polished KTH-academic”, you can read at kulturfascisten’s blog, which could seem a little strange with the gangster images of the rappers of today in mind. But really, how much of gangstas were MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice?

Well, enough of this, there is no point of continuing to throw superlatives at Sci-Fi & Hands; better to listen to the music:

Sci-Fi & Hands – Poison of choice
Sci-Fi & Hands – The dating game

Sci-Fi & Hands’ site (more tracks to listen to)

Sci-Fi & Hands’ Myspace page

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