DNKL – “Otherside”

September 17, 2015 at 5:35 pm


The trio DNKL did really well with their debut EP “Wolfhour” last year, and was featured on many music blogs around the world. Now they’re back with more dreamy electro pop on the new single “Otherside”, a song shrouded in a romantic shimmer of the eighties.

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New album with Erik Borelius and singles from DNKL, Bring The Mourning On and Lejonsläktet

March 19, 2014 at 6:29 pm
Erik Borelius and House of Sound

Erik Borelius and House of Sound

Erik Borelius – “Erik Borelius and House of Sound” – album

“Erik Borelius and House of Sound” is the name of  Erik Borelius’ twelfth album, which was released a couple of days ago. It’s also the name of the band he started three years ago with himself on vocals and acoustic guitar, Pär Hedtjärn on Drums, Jonas Hedlund on electric guitars and Anders Olausson on bass guitar.

On the album they’ve been aiming at the arrangements they play live with as few added tracks as possible. The sound is airy, warm and close. Mostly it feels rather laidback and quite personal in songs where Erik is mixing influences from various directions, from pop, blues, jazz, progressive rock, fusion. Sometimes I get some Dire Straits-vibes but still it feels like it’s the spirit of Al Di Meola which shines through in the strongest way, and which is also allowed to spread it’s wings in a couple of the instrumental tracks and in a song like “What Is It All About?” here below. It’s a band of skilled, tight musicians where of course Eriks’s fantastic and beautiful acoustic guitar gets some well deserved space. Here are two songs:

DNKL – “Battles”

The trio DNKL got plenty of attention on the net from their debut single “Hunt“. Last month they released the follow-up “Battles”, a song where I recognize the large-sounding, soaring electro pop from the debut but which also contain a certain rock vibe.

Bring The Mourning On – “Fading Trail” – video

Bring The Mourning On, hailing from Malmö, are releasing a new album, “Northern Ghost”, on the 4th of April. Here’s the first taste in the shape of a video to the song “Fading Trail”. Naked, beautiful Americana:

Lejonsläktet – “Som om sanden rinner ut” – video

Alexander Eldefors and Volter Hagman grew up together in the small village Undersåker in Jämtland. Later they played together in the band  Rói Höttur, but parted musically, and we’ve heard them here before in projects like The Orange Revival, The Seed Coat and Yellus. Now they are back together again in a new project, Lejonsläktet, which is built upon ideas, melodies and thoughts they have collected over the years. Here’s their first creation, a song that really feels like psychadelia from Jämtland, and which will soon be followed by the debut EP “In och ut”:

DNKL – “Hunt”

October 18, 2013 at 2:58 pm


Here’s the first song from electronica trio DNKL: “Hunt”. A mesmerising song with a suggestive, dreamy ambience and a beautiful buildup.

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