Alice Boman – “Burns” – video

January 15, 2015 at 5:19 pm

Here’s a new video from Alice Boman and her song “Burns”, created by film maker Christoffer Castor. He found a collection of 8mm film rolls in an abandoned cottage somewhere in the south of Sweden, filmed by some unknown person maybe 30 years ago. Some of the films were labeled “U.S.A”, which he recorded and used for this video.

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Pop from Polar Bear & King, Trädet, Alice Boman, Little Children and Natten

September 16, 2014 at 3:29 pm
Little Children

Little Children

Polar Bear & King – “Holy Ground”

Polar Bear & King is a new duo who have just released their first single, “Holy Ground”. Quite a pleasant acquaintance with falsetto vocals dressed in a powerful folk pop sound which emphasize the song title.

Trädet – “Minds” (feat. Linnea Sundemo)

Trädet is the artist behind this bright, soft electropop creation, “Minds”, together with Linnea Sundemo, who has supplied vocals and lyrics. “A track about pretending, longing, waiting, maybe begging” they write.

Alice Boman – “Be Mine”

Alice Boman is in her very own special dimension, a dimension full of peace and harmony. Luckily for us we can visit her now and then to rest our weary heads. Like now, when she’s releasing this beautiful single “Be Mine”, taken from her debut album released this summer. The video is created by the video artist Anders Weberg.

Little Children – “Hey Hey”

I don’t say no to new songs from Linus Lutti and his Little Children. Here in the latest single “Hey Hey” with a rawer and closer sound compared to the last two songs from earlier this year.

Natten – “Taxi Taxi”

Finally a new song and video from Natten, “Taxi Taxi”, this time with vocals by Wonder Wendy. “The video making process involved building a coffin, digging graves and organizing a night time cultic ritual in an undisclosed location in Stockholm. Quite simply a very enjoyable saturday night”, they tell.

Folk and pop from Brother North, Alice Boman, Varjen and Luna Green

May 6, 2014 at 3:22 pm
Brother North

Brother North

Brother North – “Brother North” – album

I talked about the duo Brother North in the Autumn as they rolled out their first songs. Now they have released their debut album; eight songs of (mostly) acoustic singer-songwriter warmth spiced up with beautiful string arrangements. The earlier singles “Rain Song” and “Silent Running” are strong songs, but there are more gems to discover, like for example the grand-sounding “Skyward Light” or the romantic “Pool of Her”, which you can listen to here below. A beautifully shimmering debut with summer vibes.

Alice Boman – “Over”

Here’s a new single from Alice Boman, “Over”, taken from her upcoming EP, “EP II”. The song was recorded in her apartment by herself, in the same beautiful lofi-spirit as the earlier songs.

Varjen – “Against The Country”

Niklas Sibelius, or Varjen as he calls himself, will release his second EP “Against The Country”on the 9th of May. Four songs that makes me think of Tallest Man On Earth and which grow on me with each listen. It’s a dryer and and closer sound this time and a great follow-up to the last EP “Hardland“. Here’s the first single and the title track of the EP:

Luna Green – “Swedish Strawberries”

Luna Green release her second solo album tomorrow, “Swedish Strawberries”. Just like with the last album Niclas Frisk participates as a producer, co-writer and guitarist on some of the tracks. Here’s the title song, a seductive, smooth pop song, with quite a few Lana del Rey-vibes.

Pop, lo-fi, Americana and punk rock from Suvi, Alice Boman, Karl Buhre and The Burglars

March 26, 2014 at 5:16 pm
Karl Buhre

Karl Buhre

Suvi – “Find You”

Suvi made quite an impression on the Internet last year with the single “Bleeding For Your Love“, especially on the music blogs. Now she’s back with the new song “Find You”; a song in the same spirit as before with eighties-influenced pop:

Alice Boman – “What”

Another artist that had her music played on plenty of music blogs last year is Alice Boman. Her dreamy, magical, simple home recordings in front of her piano hypnotized many of us. The EP “Skisser” was released in May 2013 and in June this year the songs from the EP will be joined with six new songs on the album “EP II & Skisser”. Here’s one of the new songs, “What”:

Karl Buhre – “Stealing Horses (Live)”

Now a live video, which is not too common here on Meadowmusic. We’ve heard Karl Buhre’s great voice before; in the band Alouatta and as a solo artist. Here he performs the song “Stealing Horses” live in a wonderful Sofar Sounds-production.
Since you’re reading this I guess you like discovering new artists. If you also like these kind of intimate live recordings I recommend to have a look at Sofar Sounds Youtube channel which is a veritable gold mine for this, with recordings from all around the world.

The Burglars

And now something completely different. It’s The Burglars who deliver plenty of energy and rock’n’roll in a couple of garagepunk-sounding songs. If you’re in Stockholm on the 2nd of April you can see the live on Kåken.

Chrismas special 2013

December 13, 2013 at 6:13 pm

True to my traditions I’ve collected some new Christmas songs this year also, which I’m going to present here today.

Crying Day Care Choir

Our friends in Crying Day Care Choir have recorded a Christmas EP with four tracks, called “Christmas Day Care Choir”. What’s extra nice about this is that they are donating all income from the album to Musikhjälpen during this week, i.e. until December 15th. Musikhjälpen is a project run by the public TV and Radio in Sweden each year, collecting money for people in need. This year it’s about women’s rights to survive pregnancies. If you’d like to help the band to help, you can just click download in the player below.

YAST presented their album debut earlier this year and walks out of it with this fine Christmas song, “If Santa Ain’t Real”, accompanied by Alice Boman on backing vocals.

Magnus Bergman has worked hard with releasing singles this year, and it’s only logical that he would make a Christmas single as well. It’s called “Decembernatt” and is a remake of his own song, this time in a duet version together with Kim Vestin.

And it’s great that Brainpool make a comeback after almost ten years of silence, and they do that with this Christmas single “The Last Christmas”:

Tenonsaw, who released the album “Avenging Angels” during the Autumn, also wanted to contribute to the Christmas ambience. Of course they also want to experiment, and they do this by combining Mariah Careys “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and U2:s “All I Want Is You” into this song:

Next up is some lovely classical sounding Christmas jazz from Gunhild Carling, here with her new single “Winter’s Day”:

I’m finishing with celtic punk rockers Finnegan’s Hell, who serve us a Christmas song in the spirit of social realism, as they write, “Drunken Christmas (An Irish Christmas Song)”:

I hope you can find your Christmas spirit in this post; there are quite different versions to choose from here above. Merry Christmas to you, and thank you for coming here reading my posts and most of all for listening to the music.

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