Varjen – “Hardland EP”

August 22, 2012 at 1:53 pm


Niklas Sibelius used his nick name from high school, when he named his solo project: Varjen (The Wolf). It’s about Americana and indie folk where he mentions The Tallest Man On Earth, The Cave Singers as Frank Turner as influences. Especially Frank Turner comes to mind as I listen to the recently released debut EP “Hardland”, which is maybe most obvious in the last song, “Hardland”, where he almost feels punky in his expression. The room feeling in the sound also makes me think about folk from the eighties and albums like  Springsteens “Nebraska”, where I also find more common vibes in for example the beautiful “Shoreline Weeks”, which you can listen to here below.

In any case it’s a strong and interesting debut which you can listen to on Varjen’s site and on Spotify. Follow Varjen on Facebook.

Shoreline Weeks

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