October 16, 2008 at 1:00 pm

FrispråkarnI will leave this space entirely to this man of words to describe himself and his music:

“To step into Frispråkarn’s world is to bring the world down from the la-la-land of television. Håkan Bäckman a.k.a. Frispråkarn – “The Freespeaker” – delivers rhymes of utmost quality, served directly from Swedish reality. After having made a name for himself on various mix tapes and compilations, he is now taking charge of his creations by releasing his music on his own web site.

Frispråkarn’s music is characterized by the mix of improvisation and lyric writing which alternates between attitude competition and freestyle. To deliver at least one whole verse that is all improvised is something that fans of Frispråkarn has come to expect from a live performance. But the political and the storytelling has equal parts on Frispråkarn’s menu. It’s about range – something that a lot of Swedish artists today seem to not even bother to take into consideration. Sollentuna, the suburb outside Stockholm, is Frispråkarn’s home turf and New York is only distant an uninteresting. This hungry MC is here to spread his music and his words – without compromising with the everyday or his art.”

This summer, Frispråkarn has been one of the most played artists on SR Metropol with his second single from his forthcoming album “Signerat Frispråkarn” (“Signed the Freespeaker”). The song has also been played on Swedish national radio (P3), Cityradion among other stations. On Youtube, you can find an impressive video that has receive over 55 000 views, and it has also been aired on Ztv. Things are indeed rolling for this focused artist. Here’s a sneak peek of his professional video:

Listen to an artist with drive:

Den ena dan e den andra lik


Kärlek växer till hat

Want to know more about him?

Frispråkarn on Myspace


Frispråkarn – the Freespeaker – releases a mix tape free for download as an appetizer of his forthcoming album!
Download here


October 5, 2008 at 8:00 am

Run AmokSo it’s time again to pick up my keyboard fingers. For a while my inside has been trying to formulate som thoughts about the album “Run Amok” (Svedjebruk), which is a co-op between the MC Porno and his musical beat master Spunk. Before this, I had heard a few demo versions of the songs, which made me writhe inside, so it has been hard to even get started to listen to the album with my really selective ears.

But what a surprise it was as I finally started listening, finding my head bopping from the first beat to the last spin. I don’t know if it’s because of Andreas Tillander’s mastering efforts or if it’s because I was in a bad mood before, but this really has it’s place for a hip hop nostalgic like me.

Even if I think that the production of “Do It Like I Do It” should be reconsidered, in general this is real quality. From the jazz sound of “Sit Back and Relax” to the Pharcyde inspired songs “Keep Running” and “The Revolution Will Not Be Streamed”. I sense that tilted lowrider feeling in my body and kind of glide down into my armchair.

The highlight of the album is the song that has the same title as this 11-songs-album. The song “Run Amok” really shows high quality. If you have the possibility, then you should buy a copy of this record, especially if you feel a little down and hip hop nostalgic in the autumn darkness.

Visit Porno on Myspace and Spunk on Myspace and both together in Amok on Myspace.

Here you can listen to and download a song with Porno in his band Contrahesive, consisting of Porno and Luuda.

Gutter Music

Contrahesive has recently released their debut album “Reflection Is Relative”. You can listen and download the entire album at, the biggest hip hop-sajt in Sweden.

You can also listen to Porno at Sveriges Radio Metropol, spoken word

Bentancourt feat Silva

September 10, 2008 at 4:33 am

Martin BentancourtA song of contrasts is presented for me late by night. Strangely enough, it doesn’t happen often these days that MC:s from the land of Falukorv, makes political statements. But with the song “Nytt Land” (New Country), Bentancourt breaks this trend by rapping politically at the same time that he, together with his girlfriend Shacko Damidez and David Silva, performs an angry song in a joyful way.

The decision about the FRA Law in Sweden this summer, made a lot of people irritated and with the hook “Släpp mitt SMS” (Release my SMS), the trio has a good opportunity to be heard across the barricades.

On the Myspace page of Bentancourt you can find a lot of good music. The track that attracts me the most is “Dansa” (Dance), which I think deserves a lot more attention. With an intro that invites you to think that Gonza is on the scene, a beat and a hook that feels like Kaah, my neck starts swinging back and forth.

I received a press release together with the song “Nytt Land”, which I have presented below (translated from Swedish), as it sets the theme of the latest release from Bentancourt.

(Read about the FRA law)

But first – the mp3:

Nytt Land

And the Myspace pages of:

David Silva

Martin Bentancourt

Press release:

”NYTT LAND” (New Country)


”Det är ett nytt land sen vår integritet försvann”
(It’s a new country since our integrity went away)

Whether you are angry with the FRA law or not, you won’t be able to resist this year’s grooviest counter-reaction!

NYTT LAND expresses anger, surprise and disappointment.
And when you’re angry, sometimes it’s also easy to feel powerless.
Then it’s better to dance, sing and clap hands.
Turn that anger into something sexy baby!

”Släpp mitt SMS” (Release my SMS)

Martin Bentancourt is the artist and radio talker with the direct opinions. Before he has released the classic “första generationens svenne”, the song that became an important voice for an entire generation.

Now he has teamed up with his girlfriend Shacko Damidez and David Silva, to create the song you can listen to when you’re making the placards or blogging your opinions!

”Vill stoppa terrorister, så de stoppar mina kärleksbrev i register”
(want to stop terrorists, so they put my love letters in registers)



August 25, 2008 at 12:00 pm

ZackeAt a first glance I thought I had had a tip about yet another trucker-cap-rapping Lidingö islander who hired a pal in order to get some publicity. But then…this was something else.

Levis-commercials gone magic, at last a swedish rapper who doesn’t collect troublesome rhymes and harmful south coast beats It’s inventive and feels alive and real and somehow it fills up a kind of void in me.

“Den här ungtuppen har putsat fjädrarna sen lunchrushen” (“This young rooster has been grooming his feathers since the noon rush”) is only one of many resourceful ways in the song “BS” to establish the fact that he’s a little bit smarter than the rest in this line of business.

BS sounds like a blend of Timbaland production and JQ. The wittyness of the rhymes sound somewhat like Robert Blom with a touch of fifteen year old voice-broken provocateur – and that is definitely meant as a compliment. It adds a little edge to something that else might have been somewhat lame.

On the MySpace page there’s also a number that feels more like everyday swedish hiphop beat. “Johnny Depp 08” has got a lot of Timbuktu, which obviously ain`t ever all bad.
Your are anywayze recommended a visit to the MS page of Zacke.

To find Zacke’s music:

An mp3-song:
Johnny Depp 08

BS – from Youtube:

(translated by Aurgrunn)

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