Close Quarters

September 30, 2008 at 8:00 am

Close Quarters

Close Quarters is the band from Vadstena that, without any management or label, has lined up one gig after the other, been in the studio with the well-known producer Thomas Skogsberg (Entombed, Hellacopters mfl), performed at club gigs in England and lately fronted both Takida and Backyard Babies. Completely on their own.

In other words there is an exceptional driving force in this gang, stronger than any you’ll find among many other aspiring artists. If you combine that with quite a bunch of fantastic songs, it’s only a matter of time before Close Quarters will explode up in the rock heaven.

This is a real band that plays real rock’n’roll the way that real rock’n’roll should be played. And I love every second of it! The guitar riffs shred like razor wire, the rhythm section comes booming in like a freight train and the singer’s voice bleeds like an open wound. Heart and soul all the way!

Close Quarters surely has a great future, but they will hardly stand still waiting for it.

They want it all…now!!

So listen to and download the songs below and visit the band for more:

Close Quarters on Myspace

Only In It For the Chicks
Go Away
Stand Up Fightem

The song Time from the gig with Takida and Backyard Babies:

Pär Enqvist

August 23, 2008 at 12:00 pm

It is with pride and joy that I now enter my Meadow blogging by presenting Pär Enqvist’s album “Här och Nu” (“Here and Now”, for those of you who don’t speak Swedish) as a free download.

This is straight, honest country smelling rock music from an artist that’s sure of what he does best and has refined that expression to it’s perfection. We get suggestive darkness in the opening track “Jag Tvekar” (“I doubt”), shuffle rukus in “Vinter Hos Mig”, (“Winter by me”) after thought in “En Starkare Man” (“A stronger man”), and some life embracing “come-into-my-arms-baby-and-you’ll-see-some-hot-stuff-rock-n’-roll” in “När Hon Är Hos Mig” (“When she’s with me”). We are told stories from deserted small town hotels. About the scaffolders on the roof tops of Stockholm. We get ponderings of life and love over a last shared cigarette, and it burns like its ember when promises are broken. Everything presented by the voice that at times feels as large as life itself.

I have turned this cd for some 18 months now and I sincerely see no signs of tiring! On the contrary, I constantly find new favourites! “Här och Nu” (“Here and Now”) is a collection of Pär Enqvist’s previous studio material. For those interested, I would like to recommend the official web site. (in Swedish)

Don’t miss out on Pär Enqvist!

Pär Enqvist on MySpace

Pär Enqvist – Här och Nu

1. Jag Tvekar
2. På Den Yttersta Gränsen
3. När Hon Är Hos Mig
4. Järva
5. Skål
6. Som En Ängel
7. Ta Hand Om Varann
8. Vinter Hos Mig
9. Vägen Till Stockholm
10. Bröder På Taken
11. En Starkare Man

The entire album in a zip file (65 Mb)

(translated by Clint Hell)

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