Catching up – Hard rock and metal from Transubstans Records

June 23, 2014 at 5:16 pm
Old Man's Will

Old Man’s Will

Transubstans Records has gathered some of the the most interesting hard rock and metal bands in Sweden. Listening through a good part of their album releases from the last year I find quite an impressive collection of records, ranging from  70’s-inspired hard rock to doom metal. Here below you’ll find a selection of great tracks from equally great albums. Klick the titles to go to the bands’ pages if you want to hear more of them.

Thalamus – “Soul” – album

Generous Maria – “III” – album

Syron Vanes – “Evil Redux” – album

Small Jackets – “IV” – album

Oblivious – “Creating Meaning” – album

Dynamite – “Lock ‘N Load” – album

Magnolia – “Tänk själv” – album

Nymf – “From The Dark” – album

Old Man’s Will – “Old Man’s Will” – album

Abramis Brama – “Enkel Biljett” – album

Three Seasons – “Grow” – album

Qoph – “Glancing Madly Backwards” – album

Manny Ribera – “Manny Ribera” – album

Chuck Norris Experiment – “Right Between The Eyes” – album