Mackaper – “Mot ljusare tider”

February 7, 2013 at 7:20 pm


It’s been rather quiet here this week, but I’m going to start it all up again. There’s loads of good Swedish music pouring into my inbox this year, and during the five years I’ve been posting here on Meadowmusic, I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m starting today with the excellent new album from Mackaper, ”Mot ljusare tider”.

I wrote about this organ duo, which now has become a quintet, in November, when they tempted us with the song ”Staden vaknar” from the new album. In the end of December the record was released, and it was just as great as I was hoping for. With the new members and where the drum machines have been exchanged for real drums, they feel even closer to their roots in music, to the progressive rock with influences from Swedish folk music from the early seventies. It feels inevitable to think about Bo Hansson as an inspiration while listening, and with their exploration of different ambiences in songs with titles that speak for themselves, I get a certain feeling of listening to a soundtrack, just like in the works of the predecessor. Great folk psych, as they call it themselves. Here below, you’ll find the starting track, “Dimma”.

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