Ett Rop På Hjälp

February 4, 2011 at 1:15 pm

Ett rop på hjälp

Here’s a band from Gothenburg that I think many people might like. Their music sounds heavy and groovy, sounds of the seventies. Until the vocals enter, in Swedish and all of a sudden it feels like Swedish progg. The songs have catchy melodies and you will happily listen more than once. A band that I would like to see at a local pub while I’m drinking a beer or two. A pretty high grade in other words.

As all of you know the climate is really harsh among bands that want to be heard, unfortunaetly Ett Rop På Hjälp just has a myspace-page, which you can find here. Myspace has totally bailed out and they don’t have as many users anymore. I really hope that this band will get a proper site plus other services where they can show their music. Ett Rop På Hjälp is an awesome band that I’m afraid will drown if they don’t promote themself in more ways soon.

Josef K


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