The Virtues – “City Wellbeing”

April 10, 2015 at 3:48 pm

The Virtues

Before a series of gigs in England, starting today, The Virtues has released the single “City Wellbeing”. The song was recorded already in 2006, but was put aside until it appeared on the collection “The Southside Cavern Volume One” at the beginning of this year. I think that this is The Virtues at their best: power pop-influenced rock with a wonderful rough sound and skillfully crafted songs.

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New singles from The Virtues, The Grand Trick, Rideau and LGCY

January 31, 2014 at 5:39 pm
The Virtues

The Virtues

Here’s a new Friday collection with new singles, after a rather sporadic blog week. Rock is the common denominator this time.

The Virtues – “Let the Fish Spawn”

The Virtues are back with their fresh seventies rock sound, here in the single “Let the Fish Spawn”, taken from the compilation album “Yesteryears”. With four full length records in their backpack they also celebrate their ten years anniversary as a band this year.

The Grand Trick – “The Daily Dose”

The rock band The Grand Trick have been working with the producer Beau Hill (Ratt, Warrant, Alice Cooper, Bob Dylan among others), who created a mix of the the song “The Daily Dose”. I think he really nailed this song, a song which was released in a different version last year, and is now being released as a single. It comes out as a dense rock track with a great drive and with vibes from the American nineties as well as a hint of the seventies.

Rideau – “Stand Still”

Now it’s a bit heavier rock with Rideu and their debut single “Stand Still”. They’ve created quite an interesting sound with their own mix of metal, stoner rock and hardcore. The band was formed by Gabriel Öberg and Carl Magnus Palm after the breakup of InSekt and are working on their debut album right now.

LGCY – “Noises”

I’ll finish with some indie rock from the band LGCY, who released this debut single, “Noises” in January.

The Virtues – “Rerepeater”

August 16, 2012 at 3:57 pm


Last year The Virtues released the album “Beautiful Game”, which I wrote about in January, and now they have already launched the next album, their fourth: “Rerepeater”. Even if there are a couple of softer tracks in the collection, the band has certainly put on a tougher and straighter rock costume this time.

Rehearsal room rock the call it. There are loads of simple but efficient rock riffs on the album, which breathes retro as well as indie rock and lots of attitude. The starting track “No Show”, which is available here below, sets the atmosphere right from the beginning on this even and enjoyable album.

You can listen to the other songs on Spotify and on Wimp. Follow the band on Facebook.

No Show

The Virtues – “Hope”

February 2, 2012 at 6:41 pm

The Virtues

Around New Year The Virtues released the single “Hope”. A really beautiful ballad which you can listen to and download here below.

“Hope” is the finishing song on the band’s latest album “Beautiful Game”, their fourth one since 2003, and was released last year. I haven’t written about it yet, so I took the opportunity to listen to it now. And I like the album, it’s a good rock/pop-album with a lot of vibes from Big Star and Tom Petty and a dose of early New Wave. I love the intimate sound in the songs; retro, airy and full of good-sounding guitars that have plenty of room to ring out their tones. Add then also Per’s nice rock vocals, good melodies and some interesting adventures like in for example the punk vibing “Liquid”.

You can hear the album on Spotify and you’ll find the band on Facebook and on their site.


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