Jessica Pehrson – “The Sound”

February 27, 2015 at 1:00 pm

Jessica Pehrson

Here’s an enthralling song from Jessica Pehrson, who has released the single “The Sound”, taken from her eponymous upcoming EP. The song starts slowly with a dreamy electronica and breaks out in a warm, melodic electrosoul in the chorus. She has a fascinating voice also, mild, relaxed yet confident and with that extra soul glitter and warmth that mesmerize me. The song and the EP are produced by Pete Davis, a British producer who has worked earlier with artists like PJ Harvey and Björk.

Jessica Pehrson’s site – on Facebookon Spotify

Elias – “Revolution”

February 12, 2015 at 4:09 pm


Elias impress me on his debut single “Revolution”. Only 19 years old he has a soul voice that master everything on this warm, beautiful and powerful ballad. He has both power and sensitivity and also an unique tone I’d love to here more of. The song is a strong soul ballad which he has written together with Joel Sjöö and Hyena. Hyena is also the producer of the song. 

Elias on Facebook

Mattias Svensson – “Define Me”

January 27, 2015 at 2:15 pm

Mattias Svensson

Mattias Svensson, earlier saxophone player for This Is Head and RebekkaMaria among others, is releasing his debut EP on the 1st of February, an album with the short name “EP”. Before that we get to hear the single “Define Me” where he shows us a very smooth electro soul, call it indie R’nB if you like. Humble, creative, naked. In the Autumn he released the first single, the more intense “Born Was the Revolution”, a quite interesting song that you shouldn’t miss. He writes that he gets his inspiration from artists like D’Angelo and Tracy Chapman and together with the producer Martin Johan-Lo they turn this into their own version of emotional soul.

Mattias Svensson on Facebookon Spotifyon Wimp

Maggie Szabo – “Tidal Waves and Hurricanes”

October 24, 2014 at 12:54 pm

Maggie Szabo

Now I’m going on an excursion across the Atlantic Ocean, to the Canadian singer Maggie Szabo, now living in LA. Her latest single “Tidal Waves and Hurricanes” is a real soulpop pearl for a song where she in full shows what a great singer she is and what a wonderful voice she has. She owns this song.

Maggie Szabos site – on Twitteron Spotifyon Wimp

New start with fantastic music from Dödens Dal, Grapell, Alexandria, Luha and Noras Falcon

August 29, 2014 at 3:42 pm


Long time no see. It’s been more than one and a half month since I posted. As I’ve been out on the road in Europe most of the time, without Internet connection, I haven’t even listened to music for quite some time. In the end I got such an abstinence that I just had to find a place with w-fi, put my headphones on, put on a playlist with new music and just dwell in this for a couple of hours. Probably my best listening experience this year. I guess I had to rest my ears for a while, find some new motivation and lust to take on a new music season.
So, let’s start today.

Dödens Dal och Peter Morén – “Måste det vara så”

I have told you before about the duo Dödens Dal’s project about inviting singers to put lyrics on and perform songs from the duo’s last album. First up was Jenny Wilson with “Under lager av is” and now it’s Peter Morén’s (Peter, Björn & John) turn. The song is called “Måste det vara så?”, the original title is “Över fältet, mot ljusen”, and it’s another hit in this interesting project.

It’s unusual to meet songs in this way, first as an instrumental, and then as someone else’s interpretation lyricswise. I can compare it with reading a book, creating your own images, and then looking at the book-based movie, where you have to struggle with mixing your own interpretation with the director’s. An added song track can of course change a song to something completely different, but what happens here is that both Jenny and Peter add another layer to the ambience that’s already there, but at the same time add images and places that wasn’t there when I listened originally. Next month they will release an EP with more artists and songs, which will be exciting to explore.

Grapell – “Shaping My Love”

Here’s a fresh single release from the duo Grapell. “Shaping My Love” is wonderful, warm  soul pop with a touch of the eighties. The song is taken from the EP “Friends”, to be released on the eighth of October.

Alexandria – “Laid Back Forever EP”

Alexandria is a band from Stockholm I wrote about last year, when they sent me the rehearsal room-recorded “Whatever”. Now they are signed to a label and have recently released their debut EP “Laid Back Forever EP”, about a week ago. The earlier song “Whatever” is there in the company of three other songs, in a sound that feels like indie pop inspired by the seventies, a bit in the direction of psychadelia, with distanced vocals and dreamy harmonies. There is a common denominator in the sound and the harmonies between the songs, but they vary the rhythm in an interesting way; from the nice soul-tasting groove in the title track to a more straight rock beat in “Secret Beach”, with it’s hooky guitar figure. A fun and great debut to listen to. Here’s “Another Station” from the record together with the video to “Secret Beach”.

Luha – “Heart”

Luha is the name of a Swedish-Filippino artist, who recently released her second single, “Heart”. It’s a light and pleasant pop-track with a percussion-heavy chorus that makes me think of Iida. Sung with a bright and delicate voice the reminds me of Frida Sundemo.

Noras Falcon – “Sing It Out Loud” – video

Last year Noras Falcon, or Elin Rosenberg which is her real name, released the debut EP “The Spark”. One of the songs from the EP, the duet with Staphan O’Bell “Kiss the Night”, made it to my “Best of 2013”-list, but it could just as well have been this song, “Sing It Out Loud”. Her new video to the song gave me the opportunity to play it again:

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