Catching Up – Rock from Principe Valiente, LaDiDa, No Coda and more

June 18, 2014 at 6:30 pm


The Jamhouse Riot – “Hey You”

New strong single from The Jamhouse Riot, “Hey You”:

Principe Valiente – “Choirs of Blessed Youth” – album

Principe Valiente’s second album “Choirs of Blessed Youth” with beautiful post punk:

No Coda – “The Entire Cast” – album

After a bunch of great singles No Coda finally released their debut album, “The Entire Cast”. Here are a couple of songs from the album:

LaDiDa – “LaDiDa” – album

Attitude, humour, punk, energy and pop from Göteborg. LaDiDa released their debut album earlier this Spring. Here’s a taste of it:

Röjsåg – “Bring It On” – EP

Röjsåg with their rock’n’roll-punk-hardcore in Swedish. Here’s a song from their EP “Bring It On”:

Crooked Letter – “Crooked Letter” – EP

Emo rock from Crooked Letter:

Wayflower – “Stay a Little Longer “

Björn in the band Wayflower had just stopped using Swedish snuff (a kind of tobacco used in Sweden) and was att home feeling bored. He took his restlessness and abstinence and turned it into a video:

Tidens Ande – “Malmö/Min Stad”

Tidens Ande is underway with the new album “Ett slags under” and has released these nice tracks to tempt us:

The Propagandas – “The Propagandas” – EP

Here’s a taste of The Propagandas debut-EP:

New music with Albert, Audio Fauna, The Mary Onettes and No Coda

April 17, 2014 at 4:01 pm


Albert – “Albert” – album

When I listen to the Malmö band Albert’s debut album it’s hard to believe that the band has only existed for a year or so, and that they recorded everything in just four days. It feels so well produced, so well thought out and with a mature sound and great song writing, seemingly coming from a band with a longer history, who have found just the right way to express themselves. Now I know also that some of the band members have played together for a longer time than that, for example in the band Since Our First Guitar which I’ve written about before. Nevertheless it’s a great album, indie rock, with a relaxed vibe, a bit in the outskirts of what The National is doing. Here are three songs from the album:

Audio Fauna

Johanna Kalén and Mari Kronlund form Audio Fauna, a duo they started last summer. They have two tracks out, two great songs with folk inspired pop that have a nice tension and sort of sneak up on you.

The Mary Onettes – “Naive Dream”

A little more than a week ago The Mary Onettes released their new album “Portico” and took the opportunity also to present the new music video to “Naive Dream” from the album. I can just note that the band has had a fantastic and a productive music year with two new albums and loads of excellent songs. Just lean back, dream away and enjoy.

No Coda – “Heretic”

No Coda continue their row of fine singles, here with the new song “Heretic”:

Folk, indie pop, R’n’B and shoegaze from Zebastian Swartz, Wouie, Artymove and No Coda

February 27, 2014 at 4:47 pm


Zebastian Swartz – “Me and My Brother”

Here’s a new voice to me, in the shape of Zebastian Swartz who just has released his debut single “Me and My Brother”. And what a voice he has, a voice that stays with me after listening to this nostalgic, folk-vibing singer/songwriter-ballad.

Wouie – “Unfold” och “Haunting Feeling”

I wrote about the indie pop duo Wouie in January, and now they have released two more songs. It’s inte same spirit as before with an eighties-influenced indie pop, inspired and with a characteristic sound. Especially “Haunting Feeling” catches my attention.

Artymove – “Back and Forth Redux” (feat. Mercedes)

It’s been a couple of years since I wrote about the trio Artymove, and for some reason I have missed a number of great songs they have released since then. Now it’s about their single and video to “Back and Forth Redux” featuring Mercedes on vocals. In the direction of R’nB with their own creative electro touch and with a wonderful voice from Mathilda Lindgren. I also added another song, the title track from their EP “So Real”.
Interestingly I just realised that Mathias Näslund from the trio is the same Mathias as the one from the indie duo The Sweet Serenades. I figured that out after having watched the video, where they in a scene are standing around a fire with Mathias in woodcutter’s attire and I thought “hehe, that’s almost like The Sweet Serenades’ style”.

No Coda – “No Ransom” – video

I’m finishing with another video. It’s No Coda who made one to their excellent single “No Ransom“.

Indierock och indiepop från Boufa Boufa, Solander, No Coda och The Good Morning Spider

February 14, 2014 at 5:10 pm


Boufa Boufa – “Until Tomorrow”

The band Boufa Boufa from Hudiksvall are back with a new single, “Until Tomorrow”. A bit different than the last one and feels more like brit pop and some of the sixties this time. Listen here:

Solander – “The Woods Are Gone”

“The Woods Are Gone” is the name of the second single from Solander’s new album “Monochromatic Memories”. I haven’t had the time to listen to the whole record yet, but the beautiful melancholy in this song makes me want to taste some more.

No Coda – “No Ransom”

No Coda, hailing from Sandviken, have released another single, “No Ransom”, a song well up to par with the earlier songs. Good energy in this shoegaze-vibing indie rock. With a hint of punk as well.

The Good Morning Spider

Viktor Rinneby and his The Good Morning Spider are on their way to release the debut album “Outergalactic”, to be released on the 29th of March. At the start of this year a few videos have been released to give us a taste of what’s coming up. Like before, it’s feels somewhat psychadelic in an intriguing and rather unpredictable rock, sung both in Swedish and English, to judge from these songs. Here are two of them:

No Coda – “Holy War”

August 28, 2013 at 3:55 pm

No Coda

No Coda, hailing from Sandviken, released this shoegaze/psychadelia-vibing song a little while ago. From what I understand it’s the band Daymare that has switched to a new name, which seems plausible listening to their earlier songs. A debut album has been recorded and will be released within short.

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