Magnus Bergman – “JR & Sue Ellen”

November 17, 2016 at 6:37 pm

Magnus Bergman

There’s plenty of country vibes in Magnus Bergman’s latest song creation “JR & Sue Ellen”. And I guess it’s an obligation if you’re singing about the Dallas couple, in whose fate Magnus obviously finds some wisdom of life. This is the song you should listen to when life doesn’t exactly runs like a clockwork and the best thing you can do is to lean back and laugh at the misfortunes.

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Magnus Bergman & Saga Björling – “Natten”

January 11, 2016 at 4:44 pm

Bergman & Björling

Today I’m opening the blog for the season. It turned into a quite heavy start with the chocking news this morning about the death of David Bowie. It’s an artist whose music been a part of me all through my life, and who was tremendously important to me as an identity-seeking teenager. A light in the dark in many ways.

This post is about Magnus Bergman and Saga Björling’s new song “Natten”, though, a song which had its premiere in full today. I wrote about the project about a month ago as they presented the first part of the more than 13 minute long song. It’s a track in three parts, which comes out as a walk through the darkness of our world with a lamp in hand, anxiously seeking for a way out. It’s powerful and immensely beautiful when Magnus secure voice unites with Saga’s wonderful, bright vocals.

As I wrote before, the song project also consists of a video which has been created by the film makers at Anno 800 in Falun. They took the mission to create a visual interpretation of the song, which resulted in this creative film, an animated collage of thoughts which takes you through the song.

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Magnus Bergman & Saga Björling – “Natten (del 1)”

December 2, 2015 at 5:48 pm

Magnus Bergman & Saga Björling

About a year ago Magnus Bergman’s daughter Alva was born. There, in the middle of the baby happiness and the joys of Christmas, an uneasiness started to grow inside of him, an uneasiness coloured by the dark tidings around the world, and that wouldn’t let go. When hate has rooted itself in the middle of our safe little corner of the world, like black streams through a beautiful landscape, the image of the future starts to blur and darken. Magnus did what he does best, and started a new musical project which he called Natten.

Natten is a work in three parts which will be accompanied by an artfilm made by the filmmakers Anno 800 from Falun. The entire project will be released in January but already this week he has released the first part of the song, which you can listen to here below. Saga Björling (Poeta Magica, Jordbrand, Rotation) and her wonderful voice joins him in a ballad where Magnus release all his musical warmth. At the same time dissonant harmonies creep into all these moving emotions. Still the song feels warm and hopeful, like a Christmas song where the music itself in it’s powerful expression answers the desperate questions.
You can follow the project on Magnus’ blog.

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Magnus Bergman – “Piano & trummor”

October 6, 2014 at 2:17 pm

Magnus Bergman

Today Magnus Bergman is releasing the single “Piano & Trummor”, which is taken from the new album “Är du avprogrammerad?”, to be released on October 29th. It’s a much less restrained Magnus Bergman in this song than before, with a funky pop that erupts in a quite catchy and grand-sounding pop chorus.

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Wednesday rock with Danmarck, Vindstyrka12, Supralunar and Magnus Bergman

May 14, 2014 at 5:02 pm


Danmarck – “ole ola”

Richard Ahlgren and his Danmarck continue to deliver great, intense rock tracks. Here are the two latest ones, “ole ola” and “ali Khan”, where he thanks Wilco, new wave and Pearl Jam’s “Olé” in the subtexts to the first song.

Vindstyrka12 – “Ser jag er igen” – video

Vindstyrka12 is a band from Göteborg, led by the singer and songwriter Jon Lyster. As a taste of the upcoming album “För det du vet att du älskar” (release in June) they have released the single and video “Ser jag er igen”. And it’s hard to miss Jon’s anger in this song, a song that was written after he got robbed on his way home from a pleasant night out on the town. This is not only about the contempt for other people from the muggers themselves, but also about a chilly society where we shut our eyes and turn away from what’s happening right in front of us on the street. The song becomes a raging rock protest with a clenched fist against this. To me Jon is a new, fresh voice I’d love to hear more from.

Ironically the video was taken down after only a few days on Youtube. Youtube stated that the content was too violent and threatened to close Jon’s account, but he has uploaded the video again, as you can see below.

Supralunar – “Nine Candles” – video

The trio Supralunar have released a couple of singles while we’re waiting for their debut album, which is said to be scheduled for release in the Autumn.  We’ve heard the excellent “People Like Us” before and here’s the second one “Nine Candles” with a video that well reveals their sources of inspiration, as they dress themselves through the history of rock.

Magnus Bergman – “En riktig djävul”

This year Magnus Bergman celebrates 15 years as an artist and a few days ago he released the album “MB15” with 15 previously unreleased songs from his career between 1999 and 2014. Some of them come from his diligent song production last year, , but he serves us plenty of other samples from his career like for example this pop-pearl from 2005, “Duellera” and the newest track, the bluesy “En riktig djävul”. The last mentioned song will also be a part of his sixth solo album, to be released in the Autumn.

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