Norddan Fox – “Songs from the Pharaoh​-​12”

August 13, 2012 at 3:54 pm

Norddan Fox

In the end of the eighties 8-bit video game consoles, from Nintendo and Sega, dominated in the TV-couches. But newer and more powerful technology was on it’s way, and Triangle Corp. had developed a game console, shaped as a pyramid, Pharaoh-12, which could boast with 12 bits.

The intent was to start marketing Pharaoh-12 in 1989 and 12 original games was developed for the launch. The music to these games was created by Swedish composer Norddan Fox. Unfortunately Triangle Corp. failed to find the necessary investors in time to be able to mass produce the unit. Soon the new 16-bit consoles took over the market and the entire project died.

Norddan Fox’ music was hidden away and forgotten during a long time, until  Petter Lindhagen, from Tired Tape Machine,  convinced Norddan to let the world hear the songs. Together they started the label Feeder Recordings and a couple of months ago they released the album “Songs from the Pharaoh-12”.

Listen to one of the tracks here below and listen to the entire album on Feeder Recordings’ Bandcamp page.

Coal Mine Joe

Dream Curtain

March 5, 2012 at 2:47 pm

Dream Curtain

Normally William Hamparsomian plays and writes music in the band Another Nation’s National Anthem. Last year he started writing music on his own and created the project Dream Curtain to have an outlet for these songs.

Here it’s about a dreamy electronica, somewhat lo-fi and far from the band’s guitar driven, alternative rock. He tells that the music is created spontaneouly at the spur of the moment, and that it’s difficult to remember what he thought about when he created it, and that applies to the artist name as well. But now afterwards he finds the word combination quite fitting with the curtain as something to hide behind and the music that is derived from the dreams, from the subconsious mind.

You can listen more on Dream Curtain’s Soundcloud page and follow him on Facebook.


Coyote Deathbed

November 14, 2011 at 5:27 pm

Coyote Deathbed

The band Coyote Deathbed nurtures some mystique vibes. About the name the band tells us: “A man told the story of the coyote deathbed. Never went back, but still never forgot that place… It is everything that is feared. It is everything that is loved.
And there’s also a killer-falafel place. So that’s recommended if you ever happen to visit the coyote deathbed.”

And it feels a little like a harsh prairie. It’s hard, cool, sunburned lo-fi and laidback. Like if Tom Waits made an EP together with White Stripes or like the band likes to call it: vegetarian, progressive grindcore. And there is an EP out now, “I Got Two, How Many Did You Get?”, which you can listen to on Spotify or on the Facebook page. Here’s one track:

You’re a Dinosaur I’m a Book

Support the artist: Buy “I Got Two, How Many Did You Get?” – on iTuneson Amazon

Vampyramiden – “Teenage Destiny”

October 3, 2011 at 2:41 pm

VampyramidenI wrote about Vampyramiden a year ago as they took us out on a lo-fi train trip and partied on a “borrowed train” on their first EP. Now they’ve released their second EP “Teenage Destiny”; four songs of  lo-fi pop you’ll recognize from the earlier EP, but this time with stronger songs and melodies I think.

Despite the title of the EP they sing in Swedish and the themes this time is about school anxiety and natural disasters. Listen to the album on their site and also meet the band on their Facebook page.

Pyromanens dotter


July 25, 2011 at 5:31 pm

Today, two days after the horrible events in Norway, it’s hard to do anything without being reminded of what happened. And words are not enough, they don’t help. Maybe music can help us deal with it as a refuge for our thoughts and feelings. I, for one, like to listen to music without words in situations like this.

Here are a couple of tracks from “Ack du arma barn”, a new album with Släktträff.

Ack du arma barn
Sparka grus

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