Case Conrad – “Dew Point”

December 17, 2010 at 3:52 pm

Case ConradEarlier we have seen Gustav Haggren in the band Gustav and the Seasick Sailors. Last year the band splitup, but luckily for us, Gustav has startet a new band, Case Conrad.

The debut album, “Dew Point”, which was recorded live in only two days, was released in October. Compare to the seasick sailors, this music has a different feeling, more dreamy, reflective, a little more mellow. And Gustavs voice is more sensitive and heartfelt than ever.

In November Gustav Haggren and the band’s guitar player Robert Johnson went to the US, with an ambition to tour across the continent during 4 months. You can follow the tour on their blog or on Twitter.

Case Conrad also has a Myspace page.

Hold Up This Song

Hold Up This Song:

Gustav and the Seasick Sailors

September 21, 2008 at 8:00 am

Gustav and the Seasick SailorsGustav Haggren is an extremely busy musician! It’s obviously not enough that he has a solo project, plays with two other songwriters, Christian Cuff and Helena Arlock, and is coordinating a world band (yes, they are spread all over the world); he is also touring all the time! Go and check out his tourdates for 2007…jesus!

Nevertheless, it seems like it’s among the seasick sailors that Gustav likes it best. And it’s from this constellation the songs below comes from.

The first song I heard is from 2004, “Vagabond’s Polka”, and it feels like I’m invited to Montmartre, Paris. There’s a fantastic Tivoli-feeling here!
And when I listen to “Something Weihtless” I hear great pop with hit potential. Overall, there is an incredible mix of songs I find with Gustav and the Seasick Sailors.

On Friday the 26th of September, they will celebrate the release of their new album “Brilliant Hands” on Tivoli in Helsingborg. Check out the info on their Myspace page.

Listen and download some tracks (Vagabond Polka is a live song with a slightly less sound quality, but I have included it because of the great feeling here. I hope I’m excused ;-)):
Something Weightless
Vagabonds Polka
Distant Mornings

Visit the band:
Gustav and the Seasick Sailors on Myspace
Their homepage and blog

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