Earcandy from Artymove, The Lola O, Stina Rebelius and Joy’s Apartment

December 21, 2015 at 5:10 pm


Artymove – “#NoBetterMoment”

Here’s a song from the trio Artymove which is a bit different from how they normally sound. It’s a naked ballad with only Mathilda Lindgren’s vocals and a piano. And they master this as well, and Mathilda shows what a wonderful soul voice she has. The song is a first sample of their next album, which is due for release in the beginning of 2016.

The inspiration for the song came from Mathilda’s work with human rights in Palestina/Israel and is an urge to start making a difference here and now for a better world.

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The Lola O – “Colt 45”

Here’s another singer I’d like to listen to more often. It’s Freja Blomberg from the duo The Lola O who shows herself in some new songs from the duo. Here are two of them.

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Stina Rebelius – “Luftslott”

Here’s the debut single from singer/songwriter Stina Rebelius, “Luftslott”. An interesting debut in a great production signed Henrik Skanfors from Rainmode.

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Joy’s Apartment – “Joy”

Here’s a single from an artist called Joy’s Apartment. The song “Joy” is a taste of an EP that is going to be released in January. The video below is created by the stop motion collective Don’t Stop the Motion, who made this in a fascinating way combining modern technology and good old handicraft. There’s an interesting video about how they made the film.

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Folk, indie pop, R’n’B and shoegaze from Zebastian Swartz, Wouie, Artymove and No Coda

February 27, 2014 at 4:47 pm


Zebastian Swartz – “Me and My Brother”

Here’s a new voice to me, in the shape of Zebastian Swartz who just has released his debut single “Me and My Brother”. And what a voice he has, a voice that stays with me after listening to this nostalgic, folk-vibing singer/songwriter-ballad.

Wouie – “Unfold” och “Haunting Feeling”

I wrote about the indie pop duo Wouie in January, and now they have released two more songs. It’s inte same spirit as before with an eighties-influenced indie pop, inspired and with a characteristic sound. Especially “Haunting Feeling” catches my attention.

Artymove – “Back and Forth Redux” (feat. Mercedes)

It’s been a couple of years since I wrote about the trio Artymove, and for some reason I have missed a number of great songs they have released since then. Now it’s about their single and video to “Back and Forth Redux” featuring Mercedes on vocals. In the direction of R’nB with their own creative electro touch and with a wonderful voice from Mathilda Lindgren. I also added another song, the title track from their EP “So Real”.
Interestingly I just realised that Mathias Näslund from the trio is the same Mathias as the one from the indie duo The Sweet Serenades. I figured that out after having watched the video, where they in a scene are standing around a fire with Mathias in woodcutter’s attire and I thought “hehe, that’s almost like The Sweet Serenades’ style”.

No Coda – “No Ransom” – video

I’m finishing with another video. It’s No Coda who made one to their excellent single “No Ransom“.


May 20, 2011 at 4:18 pm

ArtymoveI was going to write about Artymoves EP “One of These Days”, which they released earlier this spring. But since then they have also released the single “Love Me”, which has managed to climb lists here and there lately.

“One of These Days” is anyhow a really good EP which caught my attention immediately. Compared to Artymove’s earlier albums I’d say that the soul thermometer has gone up with quite a few degrees in these new songs, into a warm club soul with a really nice, cool electronica background and hooky frases which put themselves like a sweet bell pepper on a cheese sandwhich making it perfect.

You can listen to all this, and their earlier albums, on Spotify and on Soundcloud. Follow Artymove on their site.

One of These Days
I Can’t Believe You’re Gone

One of These Days – live:

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