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Sven Rånlund – “La Vie Modulaire 1” album

December 14, 2016 at 5:16 pm

Sven Rånlund

Modular synthesizers! For some (plenty of people) the term leads to a greedy look and the want for new sounds, new equipment and more. The fact is that – after many years as an obscure and forgotten instrument – during the last years a rather large subculture has formed around modular synths. This has created a lot of great music, and among other things led to an interesting documentary about synth history: I dream of wires (also available on Netflix).

In Sven Rånlund’s gentle hands the modular synth generates everything from nice polyphonic, rhythmic compositions to scifi sounds and more abstract structures. The 60’s is still there but somehow filtered through the years 2014-2016. You can sense from the titles that here is a composer who works in a playful way but still seriously, which is also emphasized by the philosophic texts in the CD booklet. The modular life (“La Vie Modulaire”) is a fun and exciting journey. Have a listen!


Bongo aero

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Ocean – “In Another Place” EP

December 12, 2016 at 6:48 pm


The quartet Ocean, hailing from Göteborg, couldn’t have chosen a better name considering their music. Because that’s how it feels. It’s dreamy, meditative and softly melodic, it’s soothing but sometimes also thrillingly grand-sounding, and all the time it’s very much alive. On their debut EP “In Another Place” the band has created a wonderful organic sound which feels like a blend of folk colours from before and indie pop. The three songs are all great tunes, each exploring a different mood, from the peaceful to the dramatic. Listen to two of the tracks here below.

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Drew Vision – “Without You”

December 9, 2016 at 6:06 pm

Drew Vision

Johan Hirvi from Panetoz also has a songwriting career going on outside the band, where he calls himself Sowlkid. A couple of years ago he found the american singer Drew Vision on the net and was caught by his voice. They got in contact with each other and eventually this led to a song collaboration. In April this year Johan went to New York and spent a couple of days with Drew in the studio and a few months later, in August, the singer came to Stockholm and recorded five new songs with five different teams.

“Without You” is the first taste of these sessions and it does feel like sweet mix of Swedish electropop vibes and american R&B and soul feelings. Drew’s vocals is really something special, a wonderful open voice which reminds me of John Legend and with a great soul tint. He released his debut album, “The Balance”, earlier this year, an album which has received surprisingly little attention, especially considering how good it is. Hopefully more people will discover Drew’s talents in this new collaboration, in a song which to me seems to have potential to conquer a wide audience. The song is written by Drew Vision, Lisa Desmond, Chris Wahle and Sowlkid.

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Shelly Ravid – “Let Them Know” EP

December 8, 2016 at 6:19 pm

Shelly Ravid

Sweden is not exactly a reggae country to put it mildly. I don’t get too many pitches with reggae, so I was curious when Shelly Ravid wrote about her debut EP “Let Them Know”, which she released in Summer. She has moved to Europe’s reggae capital, though, London, which seems like a wise decision if you want to make it in the genre.

And I think she has every possibility to do that, both as a songwriter and an artist, because this a really good EP. The sound is spacious and modern and has a sweet, distinct rhythm package as the groovy foundation. Here are the political lyrics, the uplifting vibe in the music and she tops it with a sharp attitude in her vocals. Taste two of the tracks here below.

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Wrstlng – “Hoarse Bear” EP

December 6, 2016 at 6:02 pm


The band Wrstlng, hailing from Göteborg, are releasing their debut EP “Hoarse Bear” tomorrow and also invite everyone to a release gig in Malmö in the evening. You can say that record is a rehearsal before the upcoming full length album the band is planning, and it consist of songs they have recorded between 2013 and 2015. The sound varies a bit between the tracks, but here below you can hear the two latest songs. In any case their special style comes clear on the EP. You hear embedded vocals and layered guitars with vibes of shoegaze while their light melodies more remind me about classic Swedish indie pop. Well, I guess you could call it happy shoegaze. I asked the band to write a few sentences about the songs::

About “Meds”: “The beta version of ‘Meds’ is really one of the first songs we started out with when we were rehearsing as a band. After a while we tucked it away in the closet, without thinking about it and when it was time for doing some live shows we dusted it off, argued about why we ever put it away, and spiced it up. The ‘Meds’ 2.0 now recorded summarizes what we like ourselves and feels a bit like our anthem.” (translated from Swedish)

About “Avgå”: “‘Avgå’ is really a featherlight lounge tune, but when we started recording we started adding strange guitars which was fun (even if the song suffered somewhat). Then Palle moved to Ängelholm and bought a synth, which was also fun (even if the song had to suffer some more).” (translated from Swedish)

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