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August 19, 2008 at 12:00 pm

Equality“Nu vaggas tång av gammal dyning” (“Now seaweed is rocked by old swell”, or something to that effect)… Equality from Linköping is generally curious and boundless as they say, with a catalogue playing rather furiously with the “genres” but right here&now I`m really just hungup on this little one. Perfect swedish kind of jazzy ballad like a brittler and more intimate and also funkier Staffan Percy…I thought at first, before realizing that despite of all the well administered and managed heritage he’s of course completely his own. Summer contemplation de luxe! “Rain rain washing the salt from my wound…”


Equality on Myspace

Peter Estberg

August 18, 2008 at 12:00 pm

Peter EstbergBecause of the southern dialect, and maybe to some extent the voice too, he often brings the great late rocker/protest singer Björn Afzelius to mind but is really something quite different, one of the closer voices on the web actually, a kind of quiet flasher without grand airs nor poses but with a tone apparently so sincere and honest it makes it’s way straight through the waxplugs, he’s about words poking among themselves looking for one or the other context or connection, and words finding quite a lot. He’s the definition of nice in my dictionary, and behold then that we didn’t even ever meet.

These songs are from the new Peter Estberg album “Då faller bitarna isär” (“Then the pieces fall apart”):

Då faller bitarna isär
Alltid på dig
Natten är hos mig snart
Var finns ni nu
En stilla förhoppning

You can get the whole album, as well as the albums “En indian i Småland” (“An indian in Småland” 2007) and “Eftertankens kranka blekhet” (“The sickly paleness of second thoughts”, or something like that… 2007) from peterestberg.com

Maini Sorri

August 17, 2008 at 12:00 pm

I willingly admit that I haven’t been a big consumer of music in languages that I don’t know. And for you to understand why, I must say that the lyrics are really important to me as a listener. Just as important as the feeling of the song.
My experience of music sung in Finnish has been at a level of zero. Or at least very close to it – I may have overheard one or a couple of the Finnish contributions to the Eurovision Song Contest. Until now.
Beacuse after Maini Sorri’s great success with her “Lähden Yksin”, which was releaesed on the compilation “Allt ljus på oss” (All lights on us), I must say that I am amazed and astonished. Never had I thought that I’d be humming along on a Finnish song – which is exactly what I am doing on a more or less daily basis now. And I’m also happy to expand my own Finnish vocabulary.

Apart from that, Maini Sorri is also an inspiration as a marketer. Maini does not bashfully ask permission. Maini kicks the door open, and armed with her stubbornness she has now succeeded in creating personal contacts with several musical editors at both Nordic and European radio stations. She is also played in Canadian radio as well as on TV6 in the US. Maini does not only inspire as the fantastic female musician she is – but also with her great personality, stubbornness and strength.

Laulu elämän vuodenajoista
I Am Leaving (Lähden Yksin)
I Shouldn’t Have Trusted You

Lähden Yksin:

I you want to hear “Lähden Yksin” in Finnish you can visit Maini Sorri on Allears.se

Maini Sorri on Last.fm

Maini Sorri on Myspace

(translated by Clint Hell)

Cowboy Prostitutes

August 16, 2008 at 12:00 pm

I almost got beat up once, way back when, when I thought The Cult sounded glammy…I still think that Ian would be a great glam vocalist;-)…but I do not hesitate to say that Cowboy Prostitutes sound glam. And very wonderfully glam at that! The last time I heard this type of rock, at this accomplished level, was when I listened to Hardcore Superstars debut album.

Cowboy Prostitutes have recently released a new album “Swingin’ At the fences” that will be released in Sweden, Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

Listen and download from the new album:
Dancing On Your Grave
Pirate Town


Visit their web sites:


Keep cool,

(translated by Clint Hell)

Some Kind of Rubus

August 15, 2008 at 12:00 pm

Some Kind of RubusIf you enjoy getting happy – raise your hand! As a little help on the way, you can listen to the Stockholm based band Some Kind of Rubus. They offer folk music wonderfully mixed with rock! The vocalist Emil Gammeltoft is a former heavy rock singer, from the band Nerved. Having played rock for 18 years – and with a lot of folk music in his head – he started Some Kind of Rubus, with Petter Axelsson and Örjan Johansson, at the end of 2005!

And it is now time for Some Kind of Rubus to conquer the world. Their first conquest lies in the land of folk music, Scotland, where they have already received a lot of attention, e.g. in scottish radio!
Emil says that a Scottish tour is planned for October.

Listen and download:

Hälsa på hos Some Kind of Rubus:
SKoR on Myspace

Keep cool,


(translated by Clint Hell)

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