December Darling

August 12, 2008 at 4:38 am

December Darling is a cool band from Malmö that plays rock with a lot of heart! They describe their music as raw and unpolished and with a simple sound.

In this rock/pop venture you can find well known people from the music scene in Malmö! The guitarist, Dennis Johansson, is a former tour manager for the Ark and Jens Andersson, from the Ark, has produced their latest EP.

December Darling is now making a serious effort on their music career and can frequently be seen on concert scenes around Sweden.

You can listen to and download two songs below, or visit their band page:

December Darling on Myspace


keep cool,

(translated by Pär/Blindmen)


August 12, 2008 at 2:37 am

BodiesBodies started out as a tribute band for Sex Pistols and made a “copy” of Never Mind the Bollocks! Nowadays they play their own music and with the influences from Sex Pistols, Iggy Pop, Ramones, Thåström and others, the punk rock still plays an important part for them.
I think you’ll agree with me also that the singer Clint Hell’s sound a bit like Iggy in his voice.

With some almost classical great songs and a whole bunch of new ones on their repertoire, they have now set full speed ahead!
Listen and download three great tracks below, and head on to Bodies’ Myspace page for more downloads:

Bodies on Myspace

Blind Brother
Sweet Pain

PUNK ROCK YEAH!!!!! My favourite is Sweet Pain!
Keep cool,

(translated by Pär/Blindmen)

Lasse Söhr

August 11, 2008 at 11:06 am

Lasse SöhrAs a producer, songwriter and brilliant bass player, you most often find Lasse Söhr behind the scenes.  So I thought it would be appropriate to put the spotlight on this great musician.

On the musical menu you will most often find music from the pop, rock, countryrock and soul genres, with a lot of variation, coming from his feeling for what a song really is about. From his latest works you can find collaborations with Jan Johansen, Isak Strand, Christian Müller, Tobbe Möller et al.
I should of course also mention the songs of Marwins, the joint project with the fantastic singer and coproducer, Magnus Löfström.
Below you’ll find two great songs by Marwins:
Night Time Magic
Have You Ever

Meet here also Lasse’s band Topeledo, in this song collaborating with another great singer, Jan Johansen:
Do What You Gotta Do
(Micke Ajax-drums, Janne Eriksson-slide guitar, Lasse Varteva-guitars and backing vocals, Jan Johansen-vocals and mix, Lasse Söhr-bass, guitars and backing vocals, Lyrics & Music-Lasse Varteva & Lasse Söhr):

Together with  Pär Enqvist, Lasse Söhr was behind the fund raising campaign for a swedish charity fund for children’s rights, “Insamling till Barnfonden” that started in December 2007. The campaign was centered around the song “Stark och fri” (“Strong and Free”), where all revenues from the song was collected for the fund.
Stark och Fri
(performed by Lasse Söhr, Lars Strandberg, Lars Varteva, Pär Enqvist, Lyrics-Pär Enqvist, Music-Pär Enqvist & Lasse Söhr)

Listen more to Lasse Söhr:
Lasse Söhr on Myspace
Lasse Söhr on

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