Favourite songs from 2014

January 22, 2015 at 4:10 pm

I hope you haven’t forgotten about 2014 completely yet, because here’s another recap of last year. It’s a list with 60 of my favourite songs from last year’s posts, not in a ranking order, rather listed somewhat in the order they were published. One could argue that a few of the songs should belong to an earlier year but here I haven’t cared about that; my basis for the list is solely the publishing date on Meadowmusic.

You can listen to all the songs in this post, but if you prefer streaming services there is a playlist on Spotify and another one on Wimp. Take note that there are a couple of songs missing in the Spotify list and a few more in the Wimp list.

The Grand Trick – ”The Daily Dose”

Hyper Heart – ”Running”

Wouie – “Sydow”

Frida Selander – ”Possible You”

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Zebastian Swartz – ”Me and My Brother”

Artymove – ”Back and Forth Redux” (feat. Mercedes)

AstroMike Gordon – ”Youthful Spite”

Simon Norrsveden – ”Bloodsucker Boy”

Little Children – ”By Your Side”

No Coda – ”No Ransom”

Adna – ”Night”

Danmarck – “Neat Neat Neat”

Les Big Byrd – ”Back to Bagarmossen”

Fou De Toi – ”Dreams”

Simone Says – “Quest”

Eric Malmberg – “Barbaskön”

We Are Legends – ”Begging For Amnesia”

Colleagues – ”Tears”

Alice Boman – ”What”

Erik Borelius – “What Is It All About”

Delorian – “Hide and Seek”

Manfred Kidd – ”Lights”

Lilla Milo – “Dom som är som du”

Last Lynx – ”Curtains”

Björns vänner – “Du vill inte nå fram till dina mål”

Albert – “Lux”

Leppen – “Iställetförattprata”

The Shy Lips – ”She Was Born In Bahia”

JumJum – “Lillebror”

Sigrin – “I Had to Kill”

Crying Day Care Choir – “Up & Away”

Garmisch – “Native Son”

The Jamhouse Riot – “Hey You”

LaDiDa – “Mercy Fuck”

Beatrice Eli – ”Girls”

Me The Tiger – ”As We Really Are”

Awesound – ”Let the Rain Fall”

Dödens Dal och Peter Morén – ”Måste det vara så”

Grapell – ”Shaping My Love”

Dotter – “My Flower”

Cajsa Siik – ”Higher”

Black Light White Light – ”High Like a Hurricane”

Little Children – ”Hey Hey”

Jennie Abrahamson – ”Wolf”

DesperatK – “Östermalm”

Vandernite – ”Be Here Now”

Tkacuk – ”Borders & Land”

Luna Green – “Sussh (Havana version)”

Vena Portae – ”Flames & Fury”

IIIII – ”People”

The Grand Minnows – “Diamond Man”

Dalaplan – “Skitig Hund”

Billy Momo – “I’ve Got You”

Vita Bergen – “Pictures”

Kastrup – “Lydia”

Tom Levin – “Father to a Son”

Rebstar – ”Thing About You”

Krog – “Galax”

Filago & Uzu – “Glint of Gold”

Moonbabies – “Chorus”