To Roskilde – Danish menu

July 2, 2013 at 8:35 pm


The Roskilde Festival is an excellent occasion for me to get out of my bubble of mainly Swedish indie music, where you normally find me. During the year I continually listen to all music tips I get about Swedish artists, and there is little time left for anything else. Even so, I feel that I’m only scratching the surface of this area, limited also by my own taste and by what I think I have some kind of understanding of. I guess I have sligthly more insight than most people of my niche, but outside of that I feel rather lost.

There are Swedish artists performing att The Roskilde Festival, like for example Lykke Li, Postiljonen, Chords, Wintergatan, Woodlands and Elliphant, but they are few and some of them play early in the week before I arrive on Thursday. So I’m listening to all the other artists to be able to make some kind of schedule for what I want to see. Of course I have to sync this with my daughter’s wish list, which goes quite well I must say, probably because both of us have a broad music menu and love to discover new niches.

Well, width is a keyword if you’d like to describe the festival’s range of music. And then it’s not only about that they serve you everything from doom-metal to country to house to indie pop and everything in between; it’s also about where the artists come from. It is like the organizers chose the biggest paint brush they could find to paint with as many colors as possible on the relatively small pop-canvas that Roskilde represent. I was fascinated when I studied the list of artists, discovering that they came from Finland, Danmark, Hungary, Mali, Brasil, Colombia, Egypt, USA, Etiopia, South Korea, Iceland, Bosnia, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Sweden, Norway, UK, Australia, Marocko, New Zeeland, Estonia, Angola, Portugal, Puerto Rico, France, Niger, Germany and Canada (I probably have forgotten to name some countries), and I wondered how they could fit all this into the festival.

Today I thought that I would present some artists from our neighbours Denmark, which is just a few steps from where I live here in the south of Sweden, and naturally there are quite a few Danish artists performing at the festival. It’s been on my mind for some time to dive into the Danish music scene, but I haven’t had the time so far. Here are a few of those that I will try to watch:


Three childhood friends started this band in 2000. Big, warm sound spaces, beautiful pop with a stillness that sometimes reminds me of Black.

Tomas Barfod

Creative electronica which moves from smooth pop melodies to ambient crisp sound experiments.

Marie Key

Danish is a fantastic language for pop music, and it doesn’t get more heartfelt and beautiful than with Marie Key in this big-sounding singer/songwriter pop.


Defies all genre description in a crazy mix of musical escapades, which I feel just have to be fantastic to experience live. From experimental excursions to great melodies. Unfortunately they play at the same time as Queens of The Stone Age, so it will be hard to choose.


Gracious, beautiful electro soul.

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