Fallen Trees – “Dysto Fuzz”

March 26, 2013 at 9:19 pm

Fallen Trees

Fallen Trees, hailing from Malmö, was formed in 2010 by the two friends Emmanuel Arvanitis and David Karlsson. With two early EP:s behind them they released their debut album now in January, the thematic “Dysto Fuzz”. Many of the songs feel like they’re built on sixties pop, with some twists of Beatles’ harmonies, but they also dives into blues rock, folk rock and ska rhythms. I think that they have created quite a personal sound, where they blend the sound of the acoustic guitars, the banjo and the mandolin with the electric, so that they land somewhere in between a pure retro vibe and a newer indie rock sound from bands like The Strokes. An ambitious album and worth checking out.

The DystofuzzIt’s worth mentioning that they together with the album, as a bundled kit, also released their own effect pedal, “The Distofuzz”. It was created by Albin Roslund at Moody Sounds in Malmö, and was made when the band was looking for a dark fuzz sound that would be unique for this record. And you can see the beauty here on the right.

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