The Artist’s Story: Jeanette Sollén and Stuart Dahlquist

February 13, 2013 at 6:56 pm

Today we continue with the series The Artist’s Story, which was started in the end of last year. It’s Jeanette Sollén who grabs the relay baton Jon Rinneby left her in his post. Jeanette is now right in the middle of a project with the Italian graphic designers Simone ”SketchThisOut” Massoni & Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini; a calendar is being created month by month, containing a typeface accompanied by a girl, a story and then music created by Jeanette, music she calls Font Pop. Read more about it here below.

Jeanette Sollén and Stuart Dahlquist

There are musicians who have urged me on and on all through their astounding sound universe, and there is music that has taken me out to or maybe rather into emotional spaces I didn’t knew existed before. There are beautiful melodies, ingenious compositions, unique sounds and free thoughts. They have all been important, and I’ve loved to experience them all.

But then there is that music, those musicians, who cut through all your senses. Those whose first fingerings touches your nerve threads, whose first beat make your pulse succumb, those whose language is your language, though it’s full of completely new, lovely and so far unheard words. Those that take you home. In to your inner core, out to the uttermost particle of the universe.

Thankfully there’s a lot of them, as I prefer polytheism. The music may in this context represent a single creational god, but I praise all it’s shapes. I can’t choose, I need them all. Brian Eno, Laurie Anderson, Robert Fripp, Meredith Monk, Kate Bush, Steve Reich, Esbjörn Svensson trio all belong here. Each one of these, and many more (from the classical music, flamenco, punk, jazz, rock and world music) has a chapter in my bible with more or less clean and transformative stories from my reasonably long life, which I would have liked to share with you.

Stuart DahlquistBut now I’m going in a somewhat different direction. I’d like to share my joy that gods are still being created, that they’re not only something of the past, but that they continue to stream into our blessed world. That is, unless you’re a fanatic who decide that you’ll stick to the first god that turns you over with it’s creative force. But, as I said, I’m a polytheist, and I have the honour now to present a quite new member of my Pantheon of  soul guides, path finders and power sources: Stuart Dahlquist, Seattle, USA.

When I first meet him it’s as a songwriter and organ player. It’s on a music site where they had started a competition for ”low-track pieces”. I had uploaded a piece myself, “Ripe when yields to gentle pressure”, most for fun, probably because I was restless some late night since I couldn’t play and wake the neighbours, and too lazy to take a walk.

With half an ear I listen through some of the other contributions, still restlessly stomping the floor with my foot, and I click on a track which is called “Thine V 1”. It starts as a simple walk down a G major scale and I become curious. Like Kristian Luuk would have said: “Where are we going?” Who has the guts to start so clean and simple, besides Pärt then maybe, and the power to open up new undanced grounds? Stuart.

I was totally happy. I looked up more about Stuart and found several albums and projects, and the night went along well into the morning in the company of brave, mature, pesonal, unpretentious, playful and generous music from Stuart’s world. Extraordinarily nice.

It shows up that he has made quite a journey through music, especially as a bass player. Some bands/projects from his resumé are Brokaw, Zigenort, Sunvata, Sky Buriel, Sunn, Goatsnake, Burning Witch, Magnaflux and Hungry Crocodiles. At the moment it seems like he’s working primarily with the band Asva and the new project Thine. So here’s a video from Asva, “Birds”, from the album “Presences Of Absences”. Enjoy…

Albums with Stuart Dalquist & Asva:

A Swedish artist to give some extra attention

I met Evelinn Trouble when she was only 13 years old when we did a couple of jazz concerts together. Her amazing musicality and and voice made a strong impression on me already then, and I understood that she was a musician to be reckoned with in the future. A few years later she hit the music scene in Switzerland (she moved there with her family) and album after album and song after song has astounded me with uniqueness, creativity and musicality. Just recently she released her new album “The Great Big Heavy” (Bakara/ 2013). Here’s a new video with the song “Flowing” from this album.

Check out also the video “Warface”, which you’ll find on the tube. Heavy and cool.

One of my own songs to give some attention to

Jeanette SollénI started quite early to write music and then started my own pop/rock bands, later turning my attention to more experimental constellations also exploring avant garde, world music and  jazz. But my main efforts in music have been focused on various contemporary music dramatic compositions, choir stuff and EAM. During many years the boxes and folders was filling up with sketches of songs; I didn’t have the time to finish them as I was working on these other large projects. But then last year I got the desire to to do it again: songs. And I was invited to join a fun collaborative project, Chicks & Types, with the two Italian graphic designers Simone ”SketchThisOut” Massoni & Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini.

Simone makes a calendar where each month features a typeface accompanied by a girl;  Cosimo then writes a story about the girl and I write a song to each image and story from the girl’s point of view. I entered the project during the Autumn and now we’re going through the entire calendar from last year, which eventually will be published both as a book and an album with my Font Pop. Here’s my latest contribution, “Patricia”. Mix & mastering Jon Rinneby, Sound of Wool.

Read more on: and on my own site

Besides Chicks & Types I’m currently working with the music to a dance movie I have made together with the dancer Sara Ekman, and I’m also collecting material to another album with my own music.

/Jeanette Sollén

(translated from Swedish)