Sans – “Inte ens natten”

December 19, 2012 at 5:08 pm


I have to turn the volume up quite a bit to be able hear anything when I start to listen to  Sans new album “Inte ens natten”. It’s almost like they deliverately have turned down the volume as a comment to all radio mastered music, where others try to push out as much volume as possible, hoping to shout down all other music. I’m met by a sound bordering to mono, which also takes some time getting used to, but when I finally get into the Sans world there’s a lot of beauty to discover here; poetic, beautiful lyrics in a dreamy, soft, shoegaze-like melodic pop. Personally I prefer when the sound pops out of the speakers enfolding me with it’s own atmosphere, instead of sounding from within a box, but at the same time Sans music feels so characteristic with this that it’s maybe an important part of their low-voiced music. Turn up the volume and listen for yourself in a couple of songs here below.

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