Ass & The Frenchmen – “Parent Approved Substitute”

December 5, 2012 at 4:38 pm

Ass & The Frenchmen

Behind the somewhat odd band name Ass & The Frenchmen we find 6 young men from Tranås and Gränna in the north of Småland. The seed to the band was sown in 2005 and after a long break they started up again in 2009, recording songs and uploading them on the net. Last year they released the album “One Night In Paris”, containing songs from the start in 2005 up until five years later, and earlier this year the album “Parent Approved Substitute” was launched.

They write that the main ingredients of the band is their common love for slightly weird things and obscure behaviour, mixed with foreign folksongs and late nights, which doesn’t come as a surprise after having listened to their album. The most obvious folk influence is the balkan music, and they also describe their music, rather spot-on I’d say, as a blend of gypsy music, blues and grunge influenced by Tom Waits, 16 Horsepower and Marilyn Manson. It feels like Tom Waits’ shadow looms behind most of the tracks, but suddenly you find yourself in a darker Manson-like atmosphere, realizing that the jump is not long at all. The vocals are mixed far back together with the rest of the band, a little too much I think if they want to really catch the listener, but maybe it’s their way of stating that they first of all are a live band, which you can get a taste of on the live album they released last year. Listen to two songs from “Parent Approved Substitute”:

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Son of a Bitch Cop Motherfucker
Another Last Cigarette

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