Robert Hill – “What Are We Waiting For”

October 18, 2012 at 5:34 pm

Robert Hill

Robert Hill was early caught by Woodie Guthrie’s music and it was natural that he soon also got to be inspired by others like Lightnin’ Hopkins, Reverend Gary Davis and of course the inevitable Bob Dylan. With Guthrie as the obvious guiding star these influences characterize his music on the debut album “What Are We Waiting For”, which was released this Autumn.

Brian Kramer, with his earthy blues fingers, has produced the album and guests on two of the tracks with his guitar. Besides that  it’s just Robert we meet, with his acoustic guitar and sometimes his harmonica, on the 13 blues and folk songs. I think it’s an impressive album where he, despite the distance in time and space, and with only 20 years of age, makes it feel so authentic, close and honest. Authentic meaning that it’s Robert we meet, his stories, feelings, frustrations and view of the world. Add to this an excellent blues and folk guitar and you have an album that is easy to get caught by.

I’m afraid I can’t find any listening links at the moment, but I will update as soon as they show up. Meanwhile you can taste the album in the two songs below.

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Debt blues
Talking Blues blues 

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