Koko – “K.O.”

September 11, 2012 at 12:29 pm


The electropop duo Koko released their debut album “K.O.” in the beginning of summer. On most songs they also get help from singer Elina Johansson from Dear Euphoria.  The collection of smooth pop melodies is backed by rather restrained arrangements, where it feels like that not a single synth figure has been added without reason. That works great, and the songs have a rather soft, airy, driving club-vibe over them. Well, airy may not be the best word, since they have described their music before as disco from the bottom of the ocean, which makes sense somewhere.

Here is the album version of the earlier single “The Follower”. Follow Koko on Facebook and listen to them on Spotify or on Wimp.

The Follower (alternative mix)

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