Singles from Fantastic, AstroMike Gordon, Wayflower and Little Children

February 18, 2014 at 3:06 pm
AstroMike Gordon

AstroMike Gordon

Fantastic – “Darkness” – video

I can’t help thinking about Ozzy Osbourne from the early seventies when I look at the duo Fantastic’s video “Darkness”, with it’s psychadelic ambience, lit candles and dark eyes, singing about inner demons. The music is not that much Black Sabbath, though, but rather psychadelic kraut, like they write themselves. Great song.

AstroMike Gordon – “Youthful Spite/I´m An Astronaut”

AstroMike Gordon is an insteresting constellation from Malmö, that yesterday released the two track single “Youthful Spite/I´m An Astronaut”. They have created quite a special film nostalgic ambience and a sound with crooner vibes from the front man Cristoffer Csanady.

Wayflower – “Over You”

Punky, glammy rock’n’roll or Big Star-inspired power pop. Somewhere in those areas is where I find the band Wayflower, hailing from Stockholm, who are now releasing the single “Over You”. Last month they also released the song “Holding On”, and both songs are taken from the band’s upcoming debut album”Heroes”, which, after this, feels quite necessary to dig into when it comes out.

Little Children – “By Your Side”

Linus Lutti and his project “Little Children” is releasing a new single from the upcoming album “Walk Within”. This Beck-scenting song is called “By Your Side”, a song where he’s been working with the multiinstrumentalist Andreas Söderström.

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