The Rumble – “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is the Medicine”

May 9, 2012 at 7:00 pm

The Rumble

No year is quite complete here on this blog without som soulful, energic rock from The Rumble. Therefore I’m happy to present a new single from the band, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is the Medicine”, a great blues rock track you can listen to here below.

If you want more excellent rock from The Rumble, you can listen to more on Spotify or on Wimp. Follow the band on Facebook.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Is the Medicine

The Rumble – “Expectations”

June 22, 2011 at 4:12 pm

The RumbleThe Rumble have finally released a follow-up to their debut album from last year. Three tracks on the EP “Expectations” are now available, and to some extent we meet a different sound.

The pumping bass is gone and instead they drag us into an energic blues rock in the first track “Expectations”. In the following tracks they calm things down (at least from a The-Rumble-point-of-view) and they serve us a couple of smooth, bluesy songs with a lot of souly rock feeling. A great follow-up and I don’t think The Rumble-fans will be dissapointed with this.

You can find The Rumble on Myspace and on Facebook. Listen more on Spotify et. al.

Liquor and Champagne

New album with The Rumble

April 8, 2010 at 3:47 pm

The RumbleYou can’t ignore The Rumble. When I first heard them a couple of years ago, it was like a jet of energy that shot through everything else. We have written about them before, and now they have released their first full length album.

And there’s nothing wrong with the energy on the new album, it’s full speed ahead from the start, maybe a little less dirty than before but with a heavier and better beat and drive. At the same time the album shows more of the band, as they explore rock music in different corners, where Hank’s rock-bluesy vocals glues it all together. An album that’s perfect both at the warm-up party as well as on the dancefloor.

You can meet The Rumble on Myspace and you can listen to the album on Spotify. Here are a couple of songs:

24 Hours

Meadowmusic celebrates 100!

October 25, 2008 at 1:00 pm

MeadowMusicThis is the hundredth post on this blog. It means that we so far have presented ninetynine artists, songwriters and producers. We thought of celebrating this by having a mini cavalcade with songs from some of the artists we have reviewed. Many of these songs are exclusive for download only here on Meadowmusic, and I hope that they are shared with people all over the world if you as a visitor like the songs.

We, here on Meadowmusic, are overwhelmed by all the support we have received since we started in the beginning of July. We started this because it felt like we were carrying around a secret that we just had to share with the world. And the secret was that there’s so much fantastic Swedish music, that seldom is played on the radio or other mainstream channels. And that this music is just as good, well, in fact much better than what is heard there. Well, it’s not a secret anymore, is it?

First we would like to thank you as a visitor, because you come here and listen to the music. Every visit, every time you listen, every recommendation to a friend, every mention of what you hear contributes to the promotion of the artists and their music, and to the support of this blog.
Thank you for all mail and tips and also for the communication with the artists.

We also would like to thank all the artists that support us. And I don’t mean only the artists that we have presented here, but also all of you that have contacted us, telling us that what we do is important and great. Thank you!

Below you’ll find some extra songs with artists from earlier posts. (Click on the artist’s name to go to the post about the artist.)

Pär Edwardson in a fantastic song about a girl with huge hair
The Girl With the Huge Hair

Aurgunn, the poet, on bliss

Lasse Söhr has produced Isak Strand in this song
The Lie

Maini Sorri sings about Goose-Liisa

Angelica wishes that you let her enter
Let Me In

Chris Michols wants to go home
I Wanna Go Home

Listen to Jamin Pirnia in a collaboration with Nihad Tule
Are You Happy Now?

Andreas Lundgren is so cool

Some Kind of Rubus sings about Goula, “no one could fool’er”

Rock with Bodies

And 100 % energy with The Rumble
The Long Run

Martin Bentancourt, whom, together with David Silva, gave the FRA debate some groove this summer, with his hit “Första generationens svenne”
Första generationens svenne

Last but not least the cool Zed Is Dead
Soul Pollution

The Rumble

August 13, 2008 at 5:20 pm

The RumbleEnough energy to run a small town, and it runs straight through the body like a lovely shock! Raw, gritty and awesome great rock’n’roll in the spirit of the Cult emerges from The Rumble, hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden.
Has anyone seen them live, please leave a comment. Me, myself – I just can’t wait to see them live!

Apart from the great music, the guys also look incredibly cool! Check out their homepage:

The Rumble official
or on Myspace:
The Rumble on Myspace

Or simply listen and download the songs:
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keep cool,

(translated by Clint Hell)

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