New songs with The Happy Hippo Family

June 7, 2012 at 5:40 pm

The Happy Hippo Family

Two years ago I presented a couple of songs with The Happy Hippo Family. The songs ended up on the debut album “Monacoville” in 2011, an album that I missed out on unfortunately. But that doesn’t matter now as the band has started to release new songs during the spring; the best I’ve heard from them this far and with a new character to the sound. First up was “Mustache” two months ago and now, some days ago “Settle For Gold”.

And what about the band name? How did that come about? Timmy Bjärnebro tells us:

In 2008 The Happy Hippo Family was formed as a collective when ten childhood friends together found a time gap to spend their “last” youth summer, before serious jobs and studies would take over. Among other things we wanted to make music together, even though nobody had really played for years. When the band name was up for decision we wanted a name that reflected the feeling that the collective could do just about everything we wanted to do, and we could call ourselves anything. Said and done, everyone wrote down corny names on pieces of paper and we had a lottery. We drew a ticket and the winner was… The Happy Hippo Family.

Linsten more and follow them on their site. You can also find them on Facebook and on Spotify.


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