Tentakel – “Impulse/Inversion”

November 1, 2016 at 6:56 pm


In his solo project Tentakel Pontus Torstensson continues to weave together electronic influences from krautrock, techno, ambient and other genres with driving rhythms. Last year I wrote about his debut album and now he’s released the two track single “Impulse/Inversion” on the label Höga Nord Rekords. “Impulse” is an intense story with fast analogue synth figures urged on by a high-paced beat, sending me images of a hardboiled action movie in the beginning of the eighties. “Inversion”, on the other hand, is a more complex creation full of mystique with layer upon layer added until we reach a breaking point, where we are left floating over some cosmic no man’s land. Listen to the first track here:

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June 30, 2015 at 5:08 pm


Pontus Torstensson is a drummer who’s been involved in a number of projects. We have heard him before here in the band Echodeck in a couple of posts. In Spring he launched a new solo project where he released the debut album through the cassette label Zeon Light.

He calls the music “cosmic electronic krautdisco with ambient elements”, which works well as a description but hides the fact that the music is quite varied on the album. He moves from NIN-hard industry-pumping synths to jazz-caressing works to ambient environments. There are universal elements, though, like the pulsating rhythms in dark, retro-vibing rooms which sounds of psychadelia, krautrock, German synth pop, techno and a lot more. Well, and the space sounds also of course, they are there and push me into the Moonbase Alpha-laboratory every now and then. And this music would fit well in a space opera just as it would in the retro disco.

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