Slowman – “I’m Back”

May 21, 2010 at 12:01 pm

SlowmanThe title of Slowman‘s new album “I’m Back” is of course a hint of that he’s back with a new record, but first of all he’s announcing that he’s back to his musical roots. And that’s how the new album feels, an exploration of classic blues, blues rock, some contry rock plus soul and funk. The blues is what feels the most, the dist knob are cranked up a bit more, the edges not too polished and his got his hands deep down in classic, fertile timeless soil. I’d say that he’s standing even more secure with this new album.

Roses and Wine
Me and the blues

Listen and read more on Slowman’s site


March 12, 2009 at 2:14 pm

Slowman, aka Svante Törngren, released his debut solo album last autumn. The title is “The Best of Slowman”, which is an interesting title. And after listening and some afterthought I find it a rather fitting name. This could very well be an album from someone that has released a number of records during the years. Also, it feels like an album from someone that has created music for many years and that has rounded up quite a lot of music, and is now presenting some of the best parts to us.

For those that like blues rock and to some extent country rock, this is a fiesta. 15 really good tracks, with wonderful guitars and a front man that stands steady and has a great expression. And considering all the giants in this genre, it really takes someone who is able to fill out his clothes to be able to go all the way here, and I really feel that Slowman is that someone.

Listen and read more at Slowman’s site and on his Myspace page.

Slowman – “If I Ever”:

Taking the Long Way Home
Take It Down

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