September 13, 2012 at 1:17 pm


When two front figures, from two great bands I’ve presented before, decide to form a new band together, I get curious of course. It’s Joel Segerstedt from The Open Up and Bleeds and  Makkan Johansson from Saigon Sickness, who have started the band Hjärtattack (“Heart attack”) and have released a first single before the album debut later this year.

With Hjärtattack they return to their roots in punk rock, where they once started. The band name Hjärtattack was also the name om the first punk band Joel started, 13 years old. It’s clenched fists, bitterness and anger over injustice, hard lyrics and straight punk riffs. As a first taste they released the song “Överklassafari” (“Upper Class Safari”), where the title (I assume) is taken from campaigns at the start of this year, where bus trips in Stockholm and Göteborg out to expensive residential areas was organised, as some kind of sightseeing among the  upper class houses there.

Listen more to Hjärtattack on Bandcamp and follow them on Facebook.


Saigon Sickness

March 19, 2010 at 3:47 pm

Saigon SicknessToday I’m listening to Saigon Sickness. It’s about alternative rock with stains of melancholy, where massive guitars, a big sound and good melodies is the foundation. I find it hard to make direct comparisons as they move from something that’s close to Foo Fighters to metal to pop influences. All this is showcased on their debut album “Invocation of my demon brothers”, which was released in the beginning of the year.

Saigon Sickness was formed in 2005 and is a rebirth of the nineties band Voyager, but with a new musical mission. On Saigon Sickness’ site you can follow their blog and listen to the album. It’s also available on Spotify. Here’s “Dear China”:

Dear China

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