October 23, 2008 at 1:00 pm

– with real hip hop muscles

He likes to ride the bike against the wind, eat meatballs and he likes soft nights at home. And maybe it’s there he finds all inspiration to his songs. Because this mr Fredric is the face of productivity. He releases songs all the time in a high pace.

This guy from Jakobsberg in Stockholm moves smoothly among the hip hop elite in Sweden and delivers romantic themes or philosophical speculations about life and love.

This is how he presents himself in a clip:

And listen to this: Fredric feat. Frida Muranius and Mattias Welin. It’s a little like Me Tarzan and You Jane, and I fully love it. A warm-up party song that should be a hit among the winedrinking mothers of bothersome teenagers. It’s an enigma to me that it’s not constantly played on all the Swedish radio stations, as it’s a smashing superhit bomb according to me:

Fantasi (with Frida and Mattias)

Heres another song from Fredric:

Du kom du gick

Fredric is now working on his new site, where he will upload 19 new songs, all free for download! So keep a look at Fredric’s site.

In the meantime you can visit him on Myspace where you for example can listen to a couple of cool collaborations with Melina and Anthon.

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