Dubious Quip – “Obedient Minds”

February 15, 2010 at 6:43 pm

Dubious QuipA little more than a year ago Dubious Quip released his singel “Obedient Minds”, and in the end of last year he finally presented the follow-up album with the same name. And the seven tracks on the album feel like a great continuation of the journey that he started with the song “Obedient Minds”. With mr Quip’s own mix of hip hop, reggae and soul, it’s laidback, cool and nice to listen to.

And it gets even better with the contribution from a personal favourite, Ulf Ljusberg, who visits with his song “Make It Right”, where he also sings. Pitz and R.A.W. also contributes in a couple of tracks with a really cool rap, which fits perfectly with the atmosphere on the album.

You can follow Dubious Quip on his site, where you also can listen to the other tracks. The album is also available on his Bandcamp page.

Make It Right (feat. Ulf Ljusberg & Pitz)

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