Posttod – “Moon”

February 2, 2012 at 2:53 pm


The electronica duo Posttod, which I wrote about a little more than a year ago, is back with a new release. It’s about the 7-track album “Moon”, which you can enjoy on their site. Here’s a range of ideas and textures, from beautiful pieces of ambience to more energetic songs with vibes of synth pop. A really pleasant album to listen to.

The band name is a composition of the word post (in the meaning of after) and the german word for death, tod, which in some view is meant to reflect their thoughts and music.

You can also  find Posttod on Facebook and on Spotify. Here are two songs from “Moon”:

Under the Stars


November 12, 2010 at 6:18 pm

PosttodToday it’s electronica with some pop intentions with the Swedish-Spanish duo Posttod.

I don’t know that much about them aside from that they produce a quite a spectra of laidback, mainly instrumental electronica. You can listen to one of their latest tracks here below, “Dead In the Universe”.

There is a video to the song also, but it’s in fact an outtake from a short movie by Spike Jonze, “I’m Here”. You can judge for yourself if you like the original soundtrack the best or Posttod’s version.

Listen to more songs on Posttod’s Soundcloud page. You’ll also find them on Myspace.

Dead In the Universe

“Dead In the Universe”, “I’m Here”-version:

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