Six Figure Transatlantic

January 7, 2009 at 4:49 pm

I’m enwrapped in a very nice sound as I listen to Six Figure Transatlantic. Their americana-tasting pop reminds me of  Neil Young and CSN&Y from the early seventies, and in the close acoustic feeling that’s present I can almost sense the presence of Damien Rice. In some songs the early Radiohead knocks on my shoulder. Soft, pleasant, really good songs, well, really worth listening to.

The songs here give a taste of their forthcoming debut album, which will be released this spring. They have earlier released a couple of EP:s, which you can listen to at their site. The EP “Movers & Shakers” you’re also invited to download for free. You’ll also find Six Figure Transatlantic on Myspace.

Pink Heart
A Storm Is Coming

Niklas Lindkvist

December 11, 2008 at 12:25 pm

Niklas LindkvistNiklas Lindkvists manages to recreate the nice feeling from the seventies when CSN&Y, Neil Young and Tom Petty gave birth to a lot of classics. And first of all it’s the spirit of Neil Young that I feel hovers in the background of Niklas Lindkvist’s music.

Here’s a nice live feeling with nicely disted massive guitars, an underlying energy, a drive and a musical playfulness that I like. Niklas Lindkvist’s voice summarises it all with his naked honesty, as far from artificial perfection as you can go.

Niklas Lindkvist has released three albums before and is now working on a fourth. If you want to listen more, you should go to Niklas Lindkvist’s Myspace page.

Enjoy two tracks:

With Your Friends
Don’t You Shake

Thomas Denver Jonsson

September 24, 2008 at 8:00 am

Thomas Denver JonssonFor some reason I have entirely missed Thomas Denver Jonsson and his music until recently. And then he has already released his third album “Lake Acts Like an Ocean” (Kite Recordings) and are well on his way with his fourth.

Previous albums included collaborations with artists like Damien Jurado, Rosie Thomas and others. His latest album has received very good reviews in prestigious magazines like Uncut and The Word, but when I search Swedish papers and magazines I find very little about Thomas. A little surprising to me, considering the appreciation he’s receiving in other countries.

When I listen to songs like “the Border” and “Only For Beginners” from the latest record, the first feeling I get is that from an early Neil Young. This seemingly, fragile bright voice that comes so close, with a beautiful sense for melodies and with the roots in American folk music. In other songs I get the vibes from more recent indie music, rawer guitars and partly a different ambience, but still the voice and the melodies that bind it all together.

I’ll be listening to Thomas’ earlier music too after this. If you have heard him before, tell me what you think in the comment area.
On Thomas Denver Jonsson’s homepage you can listen to some songs from his earlier albums (and download), as well as demos, covers and other stuff. Really great when an artist gives that little extra like this, it makes it so much more fun and interesting to visit an artist’s site.

Visit also his Myspace page for more music and downloads.

Here you can listen to two songs from the album “Lake Acts Like an Ocean”:

The Border
One of My Blessings

Video to “The Border”:

Armadillo King

September 7, 2008 at 8:00 am

Armadillo KingTo be honest artists like Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Tom Petty normally don’t frequent my speakers, but sometimes they do manage to get me going, especially Dylan. Furthermore it’s easy to see why this line of music is so appealing to many starting up their musical careers – all you need is a guitar and something to share.

The amount of “young men (or women) with guitars” is actually overwhelming when you take a closer look at the swedish demo treasure, as I’ve done during the past few years. And no matter how attractive their initiatives and ambitions may be, it’s all together somewhat watered down to me seeing how few – yes they do exist! – manage to really deliver that personal feeling they’re aiming at (and that obviously is crucial in the singer/songwriter genre). No, it rarely surprises, it all sounds very much alike to this listener.

Three things in which Armadillo King succeeds, and that must work if I’m to be part of it all, are singing, melody and lyrics. Most important about singing is of course the “expression”; it does by no means have to be especifically original or odd but must be personal, can’t be borrowed. If you on top of that, like Armadillo King, is blessed with an infallible sense of pitch as well as an equally – and paradoxically – harsh and smooth voice, you’re not worse off because of it. In my book Armadillo King is a fantastic singer.

As for melody and lyrics they should be symbiotic. Lyrics that doesn’t tell you the obvious floating safely and unstrained in a melody that seem to lack ambitions of originality but that nevertheless carries me, the melody junkie, with it all the way.

Well well, guess it’s a bit ridiculous trying to explain why you should listen to this artist, when the best argument by far is delievered soon as you click on the song of your choice. You’re likely to understand then, the concept of “young man with guitar” at its best.

Selling a Sheep
Million Dollar King
It’s Soon Summertime
Inner Peace
Turn Away
My Raincoat
Still Your Angel

Visit Armadillo King

Armadillo King on Myspace

(translated by Aurgrunn)

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