Jon Rinneby – “I Wish You a Good Christmas to You”

December 1, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Jon Rinneby "I Wish a Good Christmas to You" för Musikhjälpen 2014

December 1st. The kids have opened their advent calendars and for once they can eat a piece of chocolate every morning, the Christmas stars are twinkling in the darkness and the cat is cursing the Christmas candles as they have stolen his favorite place on the windowsill. Such a day must of course be crowned with the best of Christmas songs, namely “I Wish a Good Christmas to You” by Jon Rinneby & co.

As Jon told us in an interview here on Meadowmusic, he is releasing the song “I Wish a Good Christmas to You” today, which is all done for the benefit of Musikhjälpen 2014 (“The Music Help 2014”, Swedish charity project run by public radio). All revenue from the song is donated to Musikhjälpen either you click on “Buy” in the player below (which also gives you the song to download), or if you want to donate through SMS directly at the collection box.

Musikhjälpen 2014 is about stopping the spread of HIV in the world, helping those that are most in need and sharing knowledge about HIV and aids. You can read more here (in Swedish). The collection has already started here and there, but the radio show is going on between the 8th and the 11th of December, broadcasted from Uppsala this year.

Here you are, a new Christmas classic in the making:

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