Monte Nour – “Olivia”

April 27, 2016 at 5:12 pm

Monte Nour

Philip Larsson and his band Monte Nour are preparing for the release of the debut EP “Into the Light” on Friday. They have released a couple of singles from the EP already, the last one being “Olivia”, which you can listen to here below. It’s a sweet and beautiful pop ballad that reminds me of Paul McCartney, and where Philip is backed by a string quartet which adds vivid, classical warmth. I have also added the first single “Too Confused”, released earlier this month.

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Pop Friday with Samuraj Cities, Fjärilseffekten, Monte Nour and Garmisch

May 16, 2014 at 3:04 pm


Samuraj Cities – “Atlas”

Samuraj Cities started out in 2006 as a duo with label backing, but now they describe themselves as a music collective with a DIY spirit. They caught my attention with the new video to the song “Atlas”, a video they released last month. The song is taken from their excellent album “Metallic” from last year. I haven’t presented this album before so I added “Boulevard” from the album also. “Atlas” breathes of The Cure, like if they have taken some of that sound and wrapped it in a large, warm blanket, made of wool from black indie sheep.

Fjärilseffekten – “Hopp” – video

The trio Fjärilseffekten, Hampus Blomberg, Hannes Wiklund and Anton Fernández, hailing from Södertälje, sent me this live-recorded pop song, which they build up sweetely. I love the banjo playing also, which fits like a glove in the arrangement. Last year they released the EP “Dansa som en idiot”, earlier this year the single “Brinner upp” and are now aiming for their first full length album.

Monte Nour – “Busy Day”

Philip Larsson started Monte Nour as a solo project, which last year grew and became a five-membered band. The debut single is called “Busy Day”, a happy-sounding song which makes me think of Paul McCartney and Rufus Wainwright.

Garmisch – “Fishes” – album

Here’s another wonderful album I missed last year, but which I was reminded of recently as the band Garmish, hailing from Malmö, put up a new remastered version of the album “Fishes” on Spotify. The song “Native Son” was the song I heard first which made me fall for this band immediately. It’s a musical interpretation of  Richard Wright’s novel with the same name, and is the most beautifully fragile song I’ve heard in a while. The album then is an exciting adventure in various directions with a lot of different ingredients like electronica, hip hop, funk and other stuff. They seem to do whatever they feel like but have created their own Garmisch ambience which works. Some of the songs are featured in movies, like for example “They Seem To Be Intelligent” in the New York documentary “Nathan’s Famous” and “And Now We Stand Against the Wall” in the upcoming Canadian movie “Sour Diesel”.

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